Monday, February 21, 2011


I found a poem I wrote for mom when I was maybe eight years old:

You are worth more than heaps of silver,
You are worth more than heaps of gold,
You are worth more than heaps of diamonds,
And peanut butter sandwiches.

(Some memories are well worth digging up)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The never ending Argh


The insurance on dad's house is due. Oh yay. The money is evaporating.

Taxes due soon. Dad always owed.

The demolition guys left the furnace off with the pilot light out, and the gas on. Way to blow up the house, guys. Larry couldn't turn it back on anyway, they broke some of the wiring. AAA will have an HVAC guy out Monday.

They took off the face plates on the switches and outlets and let the live wires hang, tripping a breaker.

The house key is in Salt Lake.

Larry had wood and repair supplies set in the carport, next to the headboard. The king size headboard which matched my dresser. The clean up crew took it all, even the big uncut sheet back in the backyard.

Someone stole his blue handtruck out of the shed. Fricken thieves.

We still need to paint (?), repair the plaster walls, rip up the carpet and clean. And pay the bills.

Marvin had peed in bottles and hid them in the backyard. WTF?! Dude, use the damn toilet.

This will pass. This must pass.

Take any offer, just get rid of the place.