Friday, November 14, 2008


I feel much better today, actually did a couple chores on the new chore list. I make a chore list each week and chip away at the little things to be done. There's always art of some kind on the list.

I restarted my Tamoxifen. I'd forgotten how interesting hot flashes could be.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

No change

Still bleh and sniffly and sickish.

The swollen vein in my palm (from Tuesday) has gone down and doesn't hurt half as bad. Scared me a lot though. I couldn't use my hand at all without it stabbing and pulsing and throbbing. Aging sucks.

Getting the dishes run through the dishwasher was a major chore. I'd started the kitchen floor, but when Desi came over, she had to finish up for me. I had to wait until Larry was home to move everything back in place. And my floor still looks funky to me. It needs a hands and knees scrub. Riiiight.

Went to base yesterday, eye appointments, new glasses, commissary, gas at the minimart. The glasses take about aweek, but they're tons cheaper than Lenscrafters. I have new single vision s for far seeing, and a second pair for reading. My sunglasses can wait for next month or so.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm congested and running a fever. I'd thought I was coming down with a cold last week, but it never materialized. I was so sure it was so sure it was a sodium benzoate reaction. I even looked up all the foods in which benzoates occur naturally. I got very depressed about that. So when I felt cruddy this morning, I thought maybe I'd scarfed down too much apple cake (apples, pumpkin and spices are sources). But no, I still feel awful and now I feel like I have a fever.

I give up.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Again? and Random Piccies

Halloween was fun; Desi and I sat out on the porch while she carved a pumpkin. Trent came over with Jack, the chubbiest cutie-pie baby ever. Jack's eight months old, he was wearing a size 12~18 month devil costume with little black wings. Did I mention he's a big baby? So cute! The guys got home about the time it began to rain. We hauled in the Halloween decor, threw on costumes and headed for RHPS downtown Ogden at the Peery Egyptian.

I couldn't find my Criminologist tie, so I dressed up as Hunter S. Thompson. Made sense to me. Larry wore his black kilt and tails, Desi was wearing my Stewie jammie pants and We Do the Weird Stuff tee, Genius had on my Star Trek uniform shirt. It worked. He and I did most of the callbacks! Larry and I did the timewarp on stage pre-show. At one point, someone behind me yelled, "Shut up!" I turned around and informed them that this was frickin' Rocky Horror, what did they mean, shut up? All part and parcel of the experience, folks!

The days have gone rapidly from mild and cool to cold and rainy. The maple has dropped a ton of golden leaes in the back yard and is stilll wearing plenty of green. Larry raked in the rain today, but he didn't seem to mind. Actually, he used the snow shovel!

Last night he brought in wood, one piece had shelf fungus on it. Fungus, mold, mildew, they're worse triggers than smoke for me. I had one of the nastiest asthma attacks I've had since Japan. That time Larry called an ambulance. This time I almost asked him to take me to the ER, my breath meter was in the red zone. I mean, the thing said I was barely breathing! The rescue inhaler took care of it. Tonight was cold, so Larry lit a fire while we watched Stardust (great movie, btw). I was fine until he put in the pine bark. Now I feel tight-chested and it hurts. Scary, but I have the inhaler. He's gone off to Genius' party to say hi. I am going to have some nice hot tea and albuterol.

I screwed up my Tamoxifen. I thought I'd renewed the prescription, but I had only not thrown out the old bottle. I hopped online to refill it; I get three months at a time from Express. But no! Oh no! The script had expired just two weeks ago. So I am stuck without the estrogen suppresor for a few days until I can call the oncologist. I'll be fine I am sure, but in the meantime, I'm having random hot flashes. Bastard!

We took the family silver to my brother today. We're talking sterling, not silverplated crap. He'd just had his 25th anniversary, and they do have holiday and family dinners more often than I do, so I was alright giving the set to him and the SIL. I priced Gorham online, wow. That's a chunk of change. I also gave him an early Christmas gift, a Hallmark Star Trek communicator ornament that lights up and has sound. Captain Kirk and the crew talking, you can get it to mimic a conversation. Hilarious!

Pics: apple-pumpkin cake (there was maple drizzle later), whole wheat egg bread, haunted dollhouse, how much Halloween crap can I own? Fat Harry. The Buckys ... note the new baby. Yet another truly terrible self-portrait: Me, Doing the Weird Stuff.