Friday, November 11, 2011

Younger Next Year

Alrighty, climbing out of the deep pit of last year. I have one completed art project, I have been back to the gym, and I have researched volunteer opportunities and hiking trails and even art classes.

Part of this recovery is rooted in reading the book Younger Next Year (for women). The book is geared at aging folks, on how to improve the last third of life. It explains the need for exercise on a biological, cellular basis. I know, for years I heard I had to exercise, and I knew it was good for me and necessary. What I never had filled in was the why, the nuts and bolts. I am scared straight on this! The food part is easy, Stop Eating Crap. Okay. The next component is caring and being connected. I spend far too much time at home alone, my friends are all busy with their lives and their time off and my inclination to leave the house rarely line up. Have to work on that. I don't want to be frail and scared. I want to be happy and outrageous.