Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Happy Hippie Bus stalls out. Kinda.

The work on the bus stalled for a bit. First, I was doing all that stuff with the fast heart rate, the bad medicine, and the heart stress test. Distracting. Ranger Borderline usurped my workspace to paint her black cat lamp. We kept trying to yell at the cat on the table. One thing, then another. I've been doing mundane and boring bits; white trim for the roof, beginning the wheels, the door, layer after layer of bus yellow paint. Dull. The exterior murals will be far more entertaining.

The weather has been odd, warm then snow, snow then warm. Argh. MyLarry tilled the garden last week and moved the wisteria vine. We hope it survives the transplant, but it could not stay where it was, against the back fence. The vines get wild in the summer, and the Evil Bitch who lives behind the vinyl privacy fence has her garden guys lean over into our yard and hack away. They don't trim, they slice deep into the woody heart of the wisteria. So one way or the other, the poor thing was being brutalized. Now there's a discrete and happy little dogwood shrub in the vacated hole. Shrubbery! I have a shrubbery!

Getting ready for the Element 11 fundraiser is keeping me busy too. I have a painting station for kids, although I wish I had a wider selection of things for them to paint. Plenty of boards, but also masks, canvas mats, birdhouses and some wooden heart shapes. Plus the Home for Wayward Art; I have plenty leftover art from last year. We shut down a day early because of all those intense dust storms. Not very good art, but wayward indeed.

The Super-Hero theme should be great fun, although as usual, MyLarry has a better costume than I do. He's just so tall and slim and has no shame or inhibitions. We found him the greatst pair of shiny over-the-knee stiletto boots on clearance at Hot Topic today. Nine freakin' bucks! Add the PVC hot pants, the mask and a silver cape? Super Larry! I need to make him a super shirt with an "L". Yes, yet another project to delay the bus.

Check your transfer, it may have expired.