Thursday, October 17, 2013

A bit better. Perhaps.

I am quite relieved Congress got their act together.  However, that means choices.  Personally, I need to build up the emergency funds.  Corners have been cut as deep as I can without beginning to sacrifice a desired lifestyle.  Perhaps a better grip on discretionary spending?

Politically?  I don't really want to be an activist, but perhaps there is more I can do.  I've already begin letter writing.  I know it does little good with hard headed greed mongers, but it is a beginning.

I cleared the art boxes yesterday, now I need to clean up the clips and such, and repack the art which is ready to go.  The art which needs touching up or refurbishing is on the table or in the ready box.  Then I had a lovely asthma attack and spend the evening on the couch.  Joy.

Still have not found my glasses.  This is a rather blurry picture of them.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Of Sorts.

Sigh.  I am extremely nervous about the shut down. Sorting out the financials, seeing which corners can be cut and which are locked in.  Sorting the needs from the wants, and the want more from the want less.  Sorting which assets can be tapped and which are hands off.  Trying to stay positive.  

This may just blow over, but will make me flintier in the future.  I never thought I could not count on my VA and Larry's Navy retired pay.  Damn politicians.

Began sorting the art boxes.  Cards to be sorted and I need an album for them.  Clips and pens to be sorted, donated art to be sorted, art which has been hanging around too long to be sorted, art which no one wants to be sorted, and weird donations which must be reworked to be sorted.  Wrapping paper, bubble wrap and plastic bags to be sorted.  

Sort the art supplies and the kitchen table studio so I can sort out the sorted art.  Arrrrrgh.

I need to sort out the freezers too, and the pantry.  Take stock for the winter stock up.

Sort out my work room and my closet.  

Sort of tired and down at the moment.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Memories or money, take your pick.

I suppose I should sum up the past year.  These are snapshots, highlights.

The seroma finally resolved itself, just in time for Burning Man.  I still had an off year, although I was surrounded by friends.  Just wasn't at home in Hushville, where I usually reside.

Had our winter vacation, Cancun October 12.  That was resplendent.

Santa Rampage in Las Vegas, fun weekend.

Went to Mexico in February 13.  Larry's dad passed away while we were there, and it was during the bad storms back east.  We could not leave early, no flights, and Larry barely made it to the funeral.  

Went to Kauai in May 13.  That was nice, but reminds me of how far my physical health has declined.  Ate too much good food, spent too much money.  This was a bonus vacation, unusual for us to have three major get aways all so close together.

Burning Man again, back in Hushville.  A nice year, but problems with the Rhoadescar repeatedly cut short day trips to enjoy visiting and art.  We bought a new to us pickup truck right before we left.  Marvelous.

I quit Gold's Gym when Larry switched from flatbed to regional driving.  He's safer, but the pay is more variable and he is home less often.  I have rejoined Lil' Audry's Gym, "exclusively for women".  More comfortable with the format, but miss the swim aerobics.  They do have a pool, but no classes.  I did have to pay a year up front, but that forces me to stay committed.

Annual mammogram is good and clean.  I'm blessed.

If the government shutdown continues, we will lose our VA income.  That's nearly half of what comes in.  That new pickup scares me now, as do our previously booked vacations which we can't afford to cancel nor to actually take.  We have two "away" vacations each year, plus Burning Man.  For '14 it is Puerto Vallarta in January and St. George, UT in April.  Yikes.  I had everything budgeted so we could have a nice working semi-retirement, now everything is just going to be tight.  I'm feeling queasy.  We have some savings, but I don't like emptying them.  We have extreme fallback options, none of which will leave us intact.  Stupid Congress.

However, I know we are far, far better off than many other Americans.  We have a roof and we go on vacation, we have savings.  But the shutdown can easily take all that away if it goes on for more than a few months.  Should we have stayed home the last few years, not bought a pickup?  Maybe.  But I trusted the government.  Silly me.

As to continuing my previous blog post about religion... well, not just now.