Friday, March 5, 2010

Life and stuff.

Kwitcher bitchin, life is too short. Go get laid, hugged, drunk, whatever. Make some art, pick up some trash, dance, laugh, play. Be kind to animals and grumpy people slinging your grits. Tell people you love them, because even loners have those who care. Give a gift. Don't be a spectator.

Enjoy life, and if want you want isn't coming to you, get off your duff and go find it. Whatever it is. You don't need things, but if things make you happy, go for it. travel, or not. But laugh, laugh, laugh!

Open your eyes, open your heart. Love the world around you, for it is an amazing place, and you are an amazing piece of it. A plain life can be as joyful as a glamorous or exciting one, as long as you live it with spirit. Never let a day go by when you aren't thankful for the air you breathe and the heart which beats inside you. Find the wonder of the dawn, the glory of the moonlight. Or just enjoy a good movie and some delicious popcorn. Dance, even if it is only in your heart.

Okay, enough of the hokum. But I mean it. Don't overthink it, do it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


And now Kim is gone too. Just like that.



They say no news is good news. In my case, with this blog today, it means I am overwhelmed.