Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap This

Ever have One of Those Days? Days when nothing is wrong, but nothing feels right? I'm still shingling the dollhouse and I had to stop, all the slivery bits of wood and glue drying on my hands got itchy. I'll have a rash, I just know it. MyLarry should be home late this evening; he has a co-driver trainee, so he's actually slower. Doesn't push as hard, takes real meal breaks instead of grab and runs. I think the company does him good.

My brother is borrowing the Trailblazer until their home equity loan comes through and they can buy a new used car next week. Last time my keys came home, I though they were light, maybe the big ring was gone. I didn't catch on that my freakin' FUEL key and SPEEDPASS were missing. So now my brother can't put fuel in the vehicle. We can't get in touch with either Ford or Desi, one of those two has the borrowed fuel key, or they've lost it. We're going to cancel the credit card anyway; but I am not the primary card holder so I can't do it. Oddly enough, I can get new credit card numbers and new cards and passes. Huh. At any rate, this little bump in the road on top of itchy skin, and I'm Mizz Crankypants. I suppose the solution is to simply take off my pants. Yeah, that sounds good.

Mrs. Bucky's boobs aren't staying up. Need a new non-surgical solution.

That tax credits bill in Canada sounds rough. Sounds like their conservatives would feel right at home here in Utah down in Happy Valley, the Mormon Mothership. That's where people were complaining about store mannequins being underdressed. No, really. Mannequins. And one woman said her twelve year old son was embarrassed by the Victoria's Secret photos in the windows. Uh, it's underwear. We all wear it. Most of us, usually. And then there's the Sheetz "crispy frickin' chicken" ads. That's in PA I think. Anyway, some people find the billboards offensive and want them removed. The word "frickin'" is offensive they say. HUH? Frell me! What the fetch do these freakin' freaks think a frakking offensive word IS?! Fudge, this makes me so flippin' mad! FUCK! There, I said it. I mean, honestly, fuck is a perfectly good word which should be used with regularity, to remind us all of where we come from. "Oh, it's for the children." Well, someone, at least two someones, had to fuck to have children. And nudity? Okay, I can understand not wanting to see assorted genitalia all day, but a flash of thigh or cleavage or bum? Why not? Sex should be GOOD! Sex is not dirty. We should be able to talk about sex openly and let people make informed decisions. All this whisper whisper crap must stop! That's why our Utah burner event went to 21+, in case a child under the age of 14 sees a naked adult. We have naturalists at the event, so what? Kids understand naked people, sure they might want to be discreet if they're doing um, naked sports shall we say. But plain old nudity? The world needs to relax about things likes boobs and buns. Heck, boobs are joyful happy things, adorning half the population. Boobies wouldn't be dirty if we didn't make them dirty. They'd just be boobs. Yes, the personal act between two adults is special and private, no one is asking to screw in the streets. Just celebrate it, don't hide it! Sheesh. Oh, and fuck.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mrs. Bucky gets a Boob Job.

Huzzah! Mrs. Bucky's eBay Boob Job arrived today. These are weird jiggly things, I can understand why they're nicknamed "chicken cutlets". Squishy goodness. I bet they don't taste like chicken! Made of silicon encased in polyurethane, one is supposed to avoid punctures. And run to the ER if any of the faux boobie is ingested. I'd rather not contemplate the scenarios. Of course, the tits don't stay in her Hot Topic DD cups, so I had to surgically attach them with fabric tape. I'll need a second roll for touch-ups. Ah, living the American Dream, boob jobs by mail.

I worked on the dollhouse shingles. Feh! I'd forgotten what a fiddly picky chore individual miniature shingles can be. I got the back roof done, and part of the side before I had enough and quit. I can do the lower rows while seated, but I need to stand to do the upper rows. My neck and shoulder and back are having fits and I quit at noon. Insert the bad word of your choice HERE.

And Sit Up Straight.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who says there's no Housing Construction Jobs?

The dollhouse is leaping along. That nifty chimney cap I started yesterday? I messed it up, glued the larger panels inside the smaller sides. Ooopsy. So I took it all apart and began again. I do think the chimney cap looks good, although I glued it in a little crooked. The flashing is cove, and I remember now that I can't miter cove worth a damn, even with my miter box. Amazing the faults black paint will hide. I stole the chimney finishing flashing trim from my other dollhouse; it used to serve as a chair rail in the master bedroom. Standard stock I can replace it easily. Still messed it up, but no one will notice.

I dabbed some paint on the eave bottoms and sides. That's an area which will not usually show, but if it does, raw wood looks unfinished and detracts from the miniature illusion.

Next was the shingle guidelines. They are more of a suggestion than hard and fast lines. Even with a precision rule I can't draw straight. Pics today: chimney cap progress, drawing the lines for the shingles, the Red Wizard's Den, Witches Kitchen, and two views of the Gypsy Queen's Parlor. If you click on the pictures and get a good look, you can see the remains of the dust which gathered over a decade! The wallpaper is Japanese premium washi paper. Cool stuff!

Poor Cricket fell off the front porch step. She went out to potty; now that she can get up on the snow in the front yard she insists on going there. Her feet were wet when she came back. I held the door open and whistled, she trotted back and hopped up onto the bottom step. She's too fat and old for hopping. Her feet slipped and she rolled over and flopped on the sidewalk. I don't think shje's hurt, but she looked very, very confused poor thing.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby Steps

Spring has sproing. Today is warm, in the forties, very nice! There's still plenty of snow on the ground, but it has begun melting. The flowerbeds are wet and mucky; I pulled a lot of the nasty old rotted crap out of the front iris bed. The yarrow spreads like melted butter on a waffle, I tore out a bunch of that too. Underneath it all, my hyacinths have shoved up through the dirt. Never ceases to amaze me.

I didn't finish the front flowerbed, although it is quite small. I got winded very easily and had to quit halfway through the clean-up. My new soft grey leather gloves have been baptized in the dark muddy dirt. I'll try to do more tomorrow.

I have all the fiddly bits of trim on the dollhouse. Not that anyone who hasn't been tracking it can tell except myself. I got in the box to get the chimney cap pieces. Oh-oh. They've been punched out of the wooden sheets and are not in my bits bag. Oops. Crap. I will have to make one out of scraps. No telling what monstrosity I will create, other than it will be made of luan plywood and painted with black acrylic paints.

The tvek jumpsuit fits me although it looks like it could easily clothe a seven foot tall man. I am going to mark where the piping and panels go from the pictures I screencapped of Furlow. Then I will cut it apart and use it as a pattern. I have two more in case I screw up. Entirely possible.

Four More Books:

The Birth of Satan, tracing the devil's biblical roots T.J. Wray & Gregory Mobley
non-fiction, soft bound, unread. One of those books I acquired by accident and sounds more interesting than I found it. I'd have to read the Bible, and that ain't happening.

Anasai Boys Neil Gaiman, hardback, fiction, I rather liked it but doubt I will reread it.

The Bondmaid Catherine Lim Hardback fiction "a dramatic love story" set in old China.

Kiln People David Brin hardback science fiction A world where you can make endless copies of yourself to do your dirty work. Entertaining, detective work in the future.

And the first four are still up for grabs.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Monday

Feels like the weekend because MyLarry is home. Yesterday was errands in the sleet and muck, today he ran out to get the oil changed in the trailblazer, but other than that, we're lounging. Fire in the fireplace, snuggles and canoodling on the couch. Gorking on chocolate-banana cream pie, drinking the wretched Blue Hawaiian Boone's Farm I was given. Yeah, I know. I did do some work on the dollhouse, mostly trim pieces and gingerbread, nothing amazing.

The white coveralls arrived, I can begin disassembly in order to make a pattern for the Furlow outfit. That's a lot of gathered shiny grey fabric, orange piping and dark blue polar fleece to assemble.

No bites on the books, they're still available. I'll bookcross them if no one wants them.

To begin explaining my willingness to gift, here are two of the ten principles of Burning Man:

Burning Man is devoted to acts of gift giving. The value of a gift is unconditional. Gifting does not contemplate a return or an exchange for something of equal value.

In order to preserve the spirit of gifting, our community seeks to create social environments that are unmediated by commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising. We stand ready to protect our culture from such exploitation. We resist the substitution of consumption for participatory experience.

So, just as in a family, you do for others, you give to others, as you would to family members. No expectations of anything in return. It feels wonderful although it is not necessarily charity. Oprah is a day late and a dollar short.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

First Four Books

How this works is in the previous blog from 2/22

Heart-Shaped Box, Joe Hill, Horror, hardback. Spooky and gory.

Candles Burning, Tabitha King and M. McDowell, Ghost story, Softbound. Spooky and strange.

Survive! Peter Deleo, hardback, non-fiction
Survival in the Sierra Nevadas in winter after a plane crash.

102 Minutes, Jim Dwyer & Kevin Flynn, hardback, non-fiction
"The untold story of the fight to survive inside the twin towers."

See what happens when you forget to decline your main selections?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Catch and Release Books

How this works:

Every week or so, I'll post a few titles. I have hardbacks, a lot of non-fiction, history, some fantasy, horror and science fiction. Plus I may put up some of my F&sf back issues. I'm only talking a few dozen books so far, I haven't sorted all mine, and I might ask Dad if he wants to let go of Mom's books. I have other bibliophile friends who may need to lighten their bookcases, I'll ask around.

See one you like? You email me with a snail mail addy of some sort, I mail the book to you, probably media rate. If you're not in the US, I can decide not to send books if it is too expensive. You pay customs if applicable. Limit two per person, and if you get books one time, you might have to wait your turn. Please be over 18 in case I forget the book has naughty bits. If more than one person asks for the same book, I will roll the dice, random fairness. After you've read the book, pass it along if it has no place in your library. Or set it free through book crossings:

Okay? I should have a few books up tomorrow. This will be a long, slow process and no promises that I have anything wonderful to share. Trust me, I know how to eBay valuable volumes! This is for good clean friendly fun and nothing else. Set your books free!


I got my newest book from Zooba, Thermopylae by Paul Cartledge. Very excited, although I must admit I put down his Alexander the Great somewhere and have yet to finish it. But still, a new history book! Yay! At a page flip, I found the Lion Gates in Persepolis; well, actually the "East Door of the Gates of Xerxes". Lion gate to me because of the giant winged stone beasts. I've been there, I've touched those stones with my own hands, walked the stairs of the Apadana. Persepolis has got to be the best place I've ever been on earth. I'm not talking scenery, or community, or people or things to do; I'm talking that deep quiet sense of time you find in old, old places. The Great Buddha in Kamakura is also one such place, if you listen beyond the tourists.

Desi's Null Physics came also, in time for her birthday. I was going to wrap it up all fancy, but she knew I'd ordered it. That, and Ford left it out on the footstool in the parlor next to the double rocker where she sits to do her calculus homework. Yes, I have a parlor. No, she doesn't usually do her homework here, but they were over doing laundry, lots of laundry. Ford had the Jolly Roger up on MyLarry's ramps and changed the oil. WalMart wasn't able to undo the oil drain plug, but Genius had no problem whatsoever. He even tried to clean up the tiny oil slicks in the driveway. I was less than productive or sociable, this time my right shoulder and neck acted up. Enough so I took a Lortab at lunch and lounged about all afternoon and evening, brain cells on low idle.

I did order the Fast Forward anthology, all the reviews and discussion piqued my interest. I haven't been reading as much nor as deeply as I like, I think that's a leftover from summer's depression last year. I'm still chipping away this and that, I always have books beside the bed, stuffed with bookmarks. I'm yearning for a reread of some old favorites, Harlan Ellison and Fritz Lieber primarily. Grey Mouser and Fafhrd, I miss them these cold, dark days.

I finally, finally pre-ordered Ark of Truth, and a copy of Brazil on DVD. My laserdisc player isn't even hooked up now. The Amazon gift certificate needed using, so Ark was pretty much free, as was shipping.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Art Hurts

Ah, another mundanity day. I feel much better, no reason, but I think it has to do with the Wicked PeriMenopause easing off. TMI, I Know.

I worked on the dollhouse much of the day. This seems like nothing much, but measuring and cutting and painting and gluing all absorb time like sponges in dirty dishwater. I got the tower roof flat, and the tower trim on, plus a goodly chunk of the gingerbread and the porch railings in place. That leaves the trim on the copper roofs of the bay windows, fiddly bits of trim here and there, the shingles, the chimney cap and flashing, and the trim for the roof ends. The shingles, there's a chore. Of course, the minute I get all that done, the next thing will crop up. And then I get to tackle interiors. And I still have to crank enough art for Element 11, Dark Skies and Burning Man. Whew!

I redressed the Buckys for spring in their new Hot Topic clearance lingerie. While I was moving Little Miss Bucky, her hardware sliced my thumb and meaty part of my palm. Not big cuts, but they bled like mad and made me queasy. The things we do for art! I did bid on a low budget boob job for Mrs. Bucky on eBay. "Breast Friends." Silicon boobs to stuff in her bra. With nipples yet!

Pictures: Moonrise over Mt. Ogden (yesterday), gluing the tower trim, porch railings which aren't as yellow as they look, dusty rose gingerbread (one eave of three), the Buckys family portrait, Mrs. Bucky rocks her new bra and hat! Can't wait for the eBay boobs to arrive!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

American Science & Surplus ROX!

Ah, that time of year when I begin acquiring bits and bobs for Burning Man projects. American Science and Surplus is a fun catalog to shop, or online at Overstocks, oddities, bits and pieces and odds and ends, a plethora of weird and wacky schtuff. My order showed up yesterday, and the pics are some of the highlights. There's a pocket sundial in brass, with all the bells and whistles such as a level and a compass and a latitudinal gauge. And no instructions! Then there's the Stickman in Peril warning stickers, puffy plastic reflective triangles. My favorite is the jellyfish. I also have a new cane/walking stick. Adjustable from 27 to 56 inches, has a soft grip and a swiveling 5 LED lamp built into the handle, anodized purple aluminum with shock absorbers. Very futuristic, I bet I can't get it on an airplane. The rest of the nifty haul: a fake security camera (oh the fun, the fun in the portapotties), a talking back-up alarm for the bike, an assortment of temp tatts, 638 2ml glass bottles, two "iconic" dashboard mascots, one a monkey tiki head, the other a cow skull, and a box of instamold powder. Now we can mold things and make our own candle molds. Things. ANY things. Nudge nudge wink wink.

Household mundanities: I've been sorting MyLarry's closet, I've weeded out some vintage 80s pants and shirts which are going to the Friends of MS for their thriftshop. I'd like to apologize in advance for the selection, I sincerely hope the clothes don't send anyone into a flashback sequence. There's a vintage 70s disco dress which belonged to Mom, I don't think it has ever been worn. My closet next, or at least the stash of custom clothes from Thailand which do not and will not ever fit again. Not to mention won't be back in style for another 20-odd years! Those are hiding in the guest closet in the basement, along with MyLarry's Navy crackerjacks and BDUs, five faux fur coats, several tuxedos, assorted evening gowns, muu-muus and many costume pieces. What Not to Wear would have a field day. I mean, yes, I NEED that marching band jacket and the dishdasha and the hoop skirt. Possibly all at once.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Freak-end is here!

Actually, not much of anything going on. Valentine's Day was nice, although Larry wasn't home. Genius and I went and picked up my new ring, leaf shapes in white gold with tiny diamonds. I found freshwater pearl jewelry on clearance at Dillard's, and we decided on an amethyst journey heart for Desi. Lunch was mall fast Chinese, mandarin chicken and fried rice. Not so yum, but quite tummy filling. See's Candies was so crowded we didn't go in for free samples. We tried to go get my birth certificate request notarized, but there was a hold-up at the credit union. Literally, the place was crawling with cops. Then a quick trip to Bryson's Rock Shop, and as usual I spent too much on strands of beads. I got some lovely citrine nuggets, I'm going to string them with garnets and garnet-colored pearls.

Genius made a cool bound book with pictures from Burning Man last year, nice! You can tell I'm bombed as hell in the Golden Cafe shots. The picture of us at the meet and greet is great, I need a copy of that!

MyLarry is home this weekend, but he's sleeping. Poor guy is exhausted.

I got the tins done, so I can move them off the table now. They're full of magnetic words. Or condoms.

At Genius's urging, I've decided to finish my half-inch scale dollhouse; it has sat unfinished for years. Ten of them, I think. The theme is Fantasy Bed n' Breakfast, each room has a sub-theme. There's a Witches' Kitchen, Red Wizard's Study, Gypsy Parlor, all on the first floor. Second story has a Haunted Honeymoon Suite, Blue Fairy Bedroom, and Tea with the Black Dragon. Yes, I know that's the name of a book. The attic is The Battle of Nevermore, and the Observatory. There is also a wrap-around front porch and a tower with a Hidden Room. Four fireplaces, two bookshelves, a staircase with delicate spindles, and working doors; most of the floors are varnished wood. The entry is inlaid parquet. I need to put on the shingles, gingerbread, finishing trim, the railings and spindles on the front porch, make a chimney cap and get the Tower roof section to fit correctly. Then I can move on to the furnishings and decor. Every room is already papered and painted, it is easiest to do that as you assemble the house rather than wait until you have completely constructed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Snowed again today, not too much, but with nasty high winds. We cleared up quickly enough, but the folks around Utah Lake down in Utah County, they're screwed. Some folks have been sitting in their cars for over six hours, running out of gas. Search and Rescue is now shuttling them by snowmobile to churches to shelter for the night. There was a ten car pile-up and the police loaded people onto a school bus which was behind the wreck, and used that to transport people to a fire station for triage. Some kids have been on buses for hours, although they've all been shuttled to either churches or back to the elementary school by now. Kids whose parents can't get through to them have to spend the might at school. There's enough people who could bring food and sleeping bags, and they're playing games, reading and watching movies. Massive slumber party! Still, some parents must be freaking out and screeching like banshees with entitlement issues as big as Paris Hilton's illusions of class. Hey, snow is as snow does.

I-15 isn't so bad in comparison, but MyLarry is bringing up drywall to Ogden. Big, heavy load on a big, heavy truck. I guess that's safer than a little car. He's the lead truck, two other Central drivers are running with him. Gee, wonder why they put him in front? Oh yeah, because he's good. I don't know when or if he'll be home tonight. As long as he's safe, I'm happy.

Stupid printer. Giving me stupid errors. And then stupid jamming. And stupid not recognizing that I cleared the jam and reset the stupid thing. I need to copy our disability letters from the VA, let's hear it for property tax waivers for disabled vets! Huzzah! Stupid printer.

I feel so steampunk each time I huzzah. Huzzah!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Huzzah! Huzzah for tikkets!

They're Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! My Burning Man tickets have arrived! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! The postman came today and I signed for the little cardboard envelope. Torn it open and popped the LemonHead in my mouth, yum yum yum, candy by mail. The BMorg does that so the envelope is not perfectly flat, hence fewer losses. Oooh, pretty tickets. Shiny. Really, they're embossed with copper foil. Nice watermark too.

One for me, one for MyLarry and one for Ranger Borderline. Now it feels like I can get started on the art projects rather than let them sit sadly on the kitchen table. Burning Man, yay! Yay!

I gots mai tikkets! I gots mai tikkets!

So excited I won't ramble and rave about the neurologist visit, the long process diagnosing my shoulder will be, nor MyLarry's hemachromatosis phlebotomy script running out, nor the x-rays, nor the commissary run. We did go to dinner, grabbed a couple steaks at Texas Roadhouse Grill. The baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon-honey butter make all the difference in an otherwise mundane chain eatery. And that Jamaican Cowboy rum drink. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, good. Put me straight to sleep when I hit the couch!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary

My Onlyest Wedding Photo

Twenty-one years today. We got married in Vegas; Larry was on leave visiting. I was on leave too, we hadn't seen each other for months. He asked me in December to marry him, over the phone while he was in Sasebo on the Dubuque and I was still on Diego Garcia. Arrangements were made to cross paths in Utah in February while I was on leave, transferring between duty stations. Dad knew we wanted to marry, and he was dead set against it as my first marriage had been a disaster and ended quickly. He even asked his sister, Aunt Kay the social worker, to speak to me. Her reply? "How old is Margaret? 30? She's grown woman, she can make her own decisions."

Since Larry didn't know my ring size, he brought me a heart-shaped diamond set in a yellow gold pendant from Hong Kong. Beautiful! Dad saw it and asked if it were real. "Of course it is", I told him, "it is in place of an engagement ring. I could wear it while working on gear, I'd have to take a ring off and wear it around my neck anyway." "Oh. Well," Dad said, "we're passing through Vegas on the way down to Arizona to see your brothers ... " and that's how Larry and I eloped to Vegas and Dad drove us there.

Dad's camera jammed at the vows, I only have one wedding photo and it is of our rumps. I do have a portrait taken at the Lido de Paris floorshow at the Stardust that evening, but I'm bombed and I think it shows! Mom hung it in her den, so that's where it is now, I don't have a copy.

Larry used to date a girl who lived in Arizona, when he called his mom to tell her he'd gotten married, she thought it was to Joy! He thought that was funny. I was less amused at the time.

And by a twist of fate, this morning Larry is in Vegas and I am in Utah. Sigh. The first two years we were married, we only saw each other for a total of twenty-eight days. We know how to be apart. He should be home tonight, we'll have to make up for lost time.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Best way-laid plans

Last night MyLarry got home around ten or so, which was nice. I woke up at three in the morning with terrible gut cramps, not so nice. I wasn't throwing up or having the other end do much out of the way of normal, but I was still in the bathroom suffering. The pain got so bad I was lying on the floor in a cold sweat. Not as bad as the last time this went down, but bad enough. I was so dizzy I as afraid to sit on the throne; we have a funky narrow bathroom and if I fell, I'd hit my head. I called Larry until he woke up and got me back into bed. Luckily I only had to struggle back down the hall once more. He made sure I had plenty of water and a Vicodin.

I know what did this. I'd gorked out on fudge tasting, therefore I wasn't hungry and had a light supper of sheep's milk cheese, figs and wheat crackers. One taste of the cheese and I knew it was bad. Smelled fine, looked fine, tasted like the wrong side of Hulk Hogan's jockstrap on a hot day. I spit it out right away, as I don't care for the taste of jockstrap, hot day or cold. Still, I'm sure that's what made me so ill in the middle of the night. Today has been primarily tea and toast, fluids and rest.

Larry delivered his drywall this morning, and surprise! A load of steel for Vegas for Saturday morning delivery. He's already well on his way south and the size of the load enables him to run after dark all the way. He'll head back tomorrow. So much for spending our anniversary together; hopping on the truck with him with my innards unsettled is unwise. Maybe my poor guts will settle down and quit hurting by the time he gets back tomorrow, that's a bonus. Sunday and Monday are open, even though we both have appointments, we'll be together. Oh yeah, doctor's appointments as a romantic activity. Simply not the same as playing doctors and nurses, not the same at all.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


The butterscotch fudge is fine, the chocolate fudge is so soft you can eat it with a spoon.

If you wash laundry, you must fold laundry. If you cook, you must wash pans. If the dishes are clean, you must put them away. Hardly seems worth the effort some days.

So, it snowed again today. Windy this morning, with snow. Big fat fluffy flakes this afternoon. There's not much of an accumulation, but the view through the big windows is dreary and white. Long expanses of very white everything under an overcast white sky, such a downer. I felt like I should change my name to Anastasia, don boots and fur hats. I take heart in that we're supposed to see temps in the 40s this weekend. I'd rather go to Paris. But then, I've done Paris in winter, it's warmer here.

My hair is red now, shiny! Although I only used one box and combed it down, so the ends are faded brown. I have to decide if I'm going to Manic Panic them or not. Electric Lava is the name of the color I have for the highlights. Messy stuff, Manic Panic.

I did bake bread, the loaf turned out quite nice. I tried to make fudge for MyLarry. That did not go as well. I had a different type of marshmallow creme, and followed the recipe on the jar. There were a few differences between that recipe and the one I'm used to making. Either it was too humid today, or I didn't bring the boiling sugar up high enough long enough... or could it be I forgot most of the butter because this recipe added it at a different stage? Anyway, the fudge came out more like milk chocolate, quite light. And soft. As in not set up. Not hot fudge sauce soft, nor frosting soft, more like cold Nutella soft. I may have to make dipped candies with fudge filling. Yeah, that'll help me lose weight.

So with half a can of evaporated milk and the knowledge that if I didn't use it soon, I wouldn't use it at all, I decided on a second batch of fudge. This time I was going to use brown sugar and butterscotch chips. I used the recipe I knew, planning to sub in the brown sugar. D'oh! I had all the white sugar dumped in before I realized what I was doing. Ah well. I made up for it by throwing in a batch of chopped pecans. It is tasty. Much stiffer than the first batch, but I still have my doubts about the humidity. I hope MyLarry likes it, he's going to have to take it on the truck.

Oddest thing, I checked my chocolate cookbook for fudge recipes. I love this book, it has the best chocolate recipes ever! I found fudge brownies and fudge sauce, but not fudge. There were a dozen different truffle recipes with dozens of variations and flavors; but not one fudge recipe. Curious. Yes, I've made truffles. I make darn good truffles. Just not lately.

I did get dressed today, mostly. I pulled on my freshly laundered jeans. Um. Huh. They were tight as all get out. This is Not So Good. Oh, I could make excuses, but I seem to be fat. So I wore my Pirate Stewie jammy pants. Hey, I practically have a prescription for them, the doc said I should wear sweat pants so as not to pinch the nerve across my hip. How ultimately depressing. Could it have anything to do with the holidays and all the winter baking? Hmm?

No eplaya drama, knock wood. He seems to have backed off, or maybe he has found the help he needs. All I know is things are calmer all around.

MyLarry will be home tonight. He has a drywall delivery in Centerville tomorrow, then he comes home Friday evening. There are no steel loads, all the other flatbed drivers have been sent home. He has a rheumatology appointment on Monday morning, we'd quite forgotten. He's taken the day off, so he can go to his, and then take me to the neurologist in the afternoon. Don't age, it sucks. The good part is that while I don't get to go to Vegas for our 21st anniversary (the 9th), I do get to spend it with my hubby. Yay! Snuggletown, here we come!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nothing to see here, move along.

Yep, one of those days. Snowed, again, this morning, about two inches. Not much compared to the last few big dumps.

Mylarry made it home at two in the morning, had to shovel the ice dam the snowplow had made in the mouth of the driveway. I was up with pain in the shoulder and neck, I even took a Lortab in the middle of the night. This is most likely why I'm dragging today. I broke one of my cardinal rules, I didn't get dressed today. Schlubbed around in the tartan flannel gown, read, watched bad daytime TV. What Not to Wear, my shiny golden heinie.

Larry ran a few errands then went to work; he was supposed to do a local delivery up in Corinne (Evil Mal-Wart Distribution Center) but instead he's moving steel. The other driver's tractor is a flat-top; the trailer is smaller. Larry has the larger truck. I know he needs a pilot car to the freeway from the steel plant, but I'm not sure if he's headed straight south or will come home tonight after parking at the terminal. I do know he can't move oversized through Salt Lake City during the commute; and possibly not after dark. He's busy, so I can't call and find out the plan just now.

So if he gets down there Thursday ... back up on Friday, well that makes a Monday delivery, so no anniversary in Vegas for us. Boo! I cannot miss or reschedule that neurology appointment on Monday afternoon, my left side is really bad. If I sleep on my right side, it goes numb now too. No pain like the left, but it is getting there. Let's see, I can't sleep on my left side, my right side, my back (both my arms go numb if I sleep on my back) or my tummy (all that surgery on the abdomen rearranged the landscape). Um, that leaves sleeping standing up, no wait, my feet and legs go numb. Er, sleep on my head? I could run away and join the circus, that's a wonderful carny trick. May as well get paid for it.

The eplaya meltdown continues, I just hope I can help Dork handle it well enough. I feel like I'm in over my head. A stress contributor, not a doubt about it.

The SGA drama continues, but mostly I find that interesting. I cannot believe the attitudes of some people. No, wait a minute, yes I can.

The Big Chore for tomorrow: color my hair. Oh whoopee. A spot of good news, my Burning Man tickets are in the mail. Huzzah!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

One of Those Days

Sigh, had to cancel the dentist appointment, my brother apparently forgot. I'd walk, but not in winter with this much snow on the ground, too much ice and too many unshoveled sidewalks. I'd never get up the hill on 30th. I no longer trust my bounce-back capacity. Even if I could drive, there's no vehicles here, the Boo is in West Valley and Desi took the Trailblazer to school. This also means I won't get to vote, they moved my polling place from the school around the corner to a school up on the bench. At least I can mail my package if I choose, it can go in the automated checker thingy, I can take the bus for that, or wait until MyLarry gets home. This could be late at night, he's the fifth truck in line for unloading, and the construction sites aren't precisely quick movers.

Eplaya ... what a meltdown. Very ugly when one of our regulars loses it. Real lunacy, I actually think the man needs a medical intervention and some very strong meds. So scary! Dork and I are consulting, I am so glad I don't have to moderate that craziness by myself anymore. I took down my blog link in my siggy, just in case things get weirder than usual. I have a Bad Feeling about this one. (Personal note to K if you're reading this, you're the only eplayan who reads me that I know about, so my venting isn't aimed at anyone, it is merely venting).

I thought MyLarry was going overboard a bit shoveling the roof of the patio, but a woman was killed yesterday here in Ogden. Her carport collapsed on her, brought down by the weight of the snow on old wood. Damn.

Ah the SGA cast announcements. I should have held the Obsession blog for today. I'm amused! vastly, greatly and immensely amused. There is a lot of intelligent discussion, but the knee-jerk reactions are endlessly fascinating. Thank you, Mr. Spock.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ownership, Obsession and Entitlement: Fans and Fandom of SG-1/SGA

Okay, my original "thinky" blog was supposed to be about autographs and the Cult of Personality, and I will get there, but as usual, the comments on Mr. Mallozzi's blog got me thinking. Thinking and I are on dangerous ground together!

First, who I am in the world of fans: Yes, I am a fan of Stargate, both flavors, moreso Sg-1, but that's Micheal Shank's fault. I do indulge my fangirlishness on the Scifi forums, and I've written some fanfic for my own entertainment. That's about it. Yes, I have the DVDs, one action figure based on each show, and a prop which hangs on the wall, plus a pin and a patch, but they're in with all my other pins and patches. So that's the inventory of the extent of my fandom. I don't visit Gateworld, and I limit my TV and computer time. I do read Joe Mallozzi's blog, as it is entertaining and I get to be eccentric in my comments, not primarily for news of the show and actors. Nope, I take the show as it comes, I don't always like the direction and there's developments I'd love to see and never will, but that's alright. I took King's Misery to heart, book and movie; if I ever get too obsessed, I can hear Kathy Bates's voice, "Nummm-ber One faaaaan....". Ooky.

Now, obviously I'm not the only fan out there, and wow, there's some rabid fans. I understand that any genre, be it music or sports or scifi, will attract fans who display great interest and intensity. I wouldn't judge what is normal or not, as our buddy Dr. Phil might say, "If it works for you ...". Well, endless fandom doesn't work for me. I can't quote lines from the shows unless they strike a chord with my a priori knowledge, I don't always know the names of the episodes, although I've been improving with names of actors. I don't have trivia at my fingertips, I don't analyze each episode for continuity and internal logic. Too much. I basically sit back and enjoy the ride. What will be, will be.

I have seen comments about how the fans should not be ignored. Hmmm, yes and no. No, because without fans, a show goes nowhere. However, basing decisions about character development, story arcs, even the look and feel of the show, one hundred percent No. No. If the fan input was taken the only way it would truly work, that would be by what passes for democratic voting, aka mob rule. And while some fans would be pleased, many of us would cringe and shiver in fear, wretch in disgust. I know I would, and I doubt I'm alone. Art by committee is a Bad Idea. It reduces concepts and creativity to the lowest common denominator, and yes, I am talking down about popular taste. Mine included, I watch Dancing with the Stars. So while the fans are important to a show, allowing the fans to have too much input would greatly degrade the overall quality, diminish the vision of the people who actually create the show and make it happen.

Are the fans being ignored? I think not, because I truly believe not everything which goes into a decision should be public knowledge. There's still privacy to consider in this increasingly transparent world.

I truly think it is good for fans to display a sense of ownership in the characters and plot of TV shows. Being able to relate increases interest. It also increases marketing opportunities, but let's not go there this round. Entitlement, well, there's an ugly word. "We're fans, we're entitled to what we want." Um, no. Again, art by committee. Bad, bad idea. Writers, directors and producers, everyone who has actual input, they must be trusted. Sure, not every fan will be pleased, that simply can't happen. Yes, ideas will be introduced which are not workable, *** disintegrates after three shots***, and sometimes a show can be run into the ground. Cough *** BSG *** cough. Fans are entitled to a decent effort and a quality product, they are not entitled to getting what they want. I'd have to hunt down the shippers and beat them with my snow shovel otherwise.

Obsession. Oh, baby. I don't really get into the private lives of actors, a little knowledge is good, like birthdays. Birthdays are fun. Pets and favorite colors, fun. Knowing an actor's shoe size and the name of their third grade teacher, not so much. Insisting that one's own interpretation of a character's motives and thoughts is the One True Vision, wrong. Relentlessly attacking others who do not share your enthusiasm and views, wrong, wrong. Endlessly discussing "real" science and "actual" military regs ... oh puh-leez, as long as there is some effort, give it a rest. I'd rather watch the History channel if I were looking for facts in my fiction. Treating the show as if it were Real Life, wrong, wrong, wrong.

I know that if a favorite character is killed that can hurt some fans deeply. The same goes for a character being ultimately evil, or cowardly, any trait not originally portrayed and widely accepted. Pull a mis-matched thread and the entire tapestry unravels. But from that unraveling, what can be rebuilt! Or rewoven! So, for those who say, "So-and-so is gone, I'm not going to watch this show anymore, I feel betrayed!", just do it. In addition, look to yourself for your feelings. No one is responsible but yourself for how you feel, it is fiction, deal with it. Don't hang around and tell us how much you hate the show now, turn off the computer and walk away. Quit picking endlessly at the scabs of disappointment, they'll never heal. The bitter fruit of disillusionment won't turn into sugarplums with your ceaseless carping. Shut up and write some fanfic with the outcomes you'd prefer. Begin a letter-writing campaign or sign petitions, that's proactive! But do not ram it down the throats of those who disagree, don't take it personally if I, and the rest of the universe, do not care. To be concise: say your piece, then Shut the Frell Up. Find some other alternate reality to obsess over. Blog it, you supposedly can say what you think in your very own blog. Sure. Right.

Good thing I don't frequent gateworld, I'd have a lynch mob down my neck, hmmm? As it is, this is the stuff I rein in on scifi, there's no flaming or controversy allowed. Wimps. Meet me in the Thunderdome! Yep, we have one over on eplaya. Buwhahahaha.

I'm not done thinking about this! I could write a freakin' book!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Still snowing.

Still snowing outside, twelve inches and counting. At least MyLarry is home to shovel, he's getting a lot done that I couldn't do myself. At one point this afternoon, all the neighborhood guys were out moving snow ... had to make room for the SuperBowl Party guests to park!

Hunter is the dog on the car, he belongs to our neighbor. The black Lab at the bottom lives across the street, Kelso, dumbest dog ever. They put them in the same backyard to keep each other company. They seem to love the snow and think it is there just for them to play in.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Too Much of Anything is Too Much for Me.

Yesterday was cold and miserable. Windy, so windy the garage roof was down to shingles in spots. So windy that the wind-blown snow looked like smoke coming off the other houses. So windy that it looked like it was snowing horizontally and it wasn't really snowing at all.

Not a good day, yesterday. I did work out, twenty minutes on the gazelle just flew by, plus stretching and some free dance (same as this morning). I did very little in the way of anything constructive. Watered the plants, tidied up the basement, took the blue LEDs out of the chandelier. It was Mom's birthday, she would have been 85. I miss her. I thought about calling Dad, but he can't hear on the phone. My side, shoulder, neck and hand acted up badly, I ended up taking a Vicodin and watching crap TV until Lost came on. Then I watched more crap TV aka Lost. Twisty!

The wind was the forerunner of a weather front; it snowed in the night. I have eight inches of fresh powder on the driveway. I shoved a few paths through, fewer than the last time. Enough for the mail gal to get by, and enough to get the dog to the backyard. Enough to go out the back door and walk to the front of the house, but not enough to get to the street. I surrender, the snow wins. Oh yes, there's snow forecast for Sunday. I hate snow.

Since I'm housebound essentially, I baked. Dark brown whole wheat bread, yum. I cheat, I mix it in the bread machine then let it rise in a pan to be baked in the oven. The darkness is from black cocoa. I also made cookies for MyLarry; whole wheat butterscotch-cinnamon. They're reduced sugar; keeps them from spreading out like crazy at this altitude. The flour is a mix of all purpose white and organic wheat, with a bit of wheat germ. As for the bread, I have some dough conditioner which makes the loaf less dense, plus I toss in random things like a tablespoon of coffee and a dash of Kahlua. My bread is never fluffy, but has a good texture and a decent crumb. Superb toasted! I only ate a pinch of cookie dough, and two cookies once they were cooled. Now they're all packed up and ready for him to take on the truck. He eats them for breakfast with coffee. Yes, there's far more than what's in the picture!

p.s. .... I lied, just had a slice of the bread. It IS fluffy, like real bread! Yay!