Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ah, progress.

So things are going along as they do in mid-winter. Meh.

Tooth is fine, healing over. I still have a divot, but otherwise the mouth is fine.

I have lost a solid and respectable 7 pounds. Sparkpeople is working well for me. I am cheating the weekends a bit, bad me! I also have a heart rate monitor now, and it does help on the gazelle. I haven't tried my new walking poles yet.

Had my annual checkup. Got scolded for not taking my Singulair for my asthma, so I set an alarm for every evening. I wanna be Sedated by the Ramones. Make sense to me. My blood pressure is okay, I am not diabetic. My cholesterol is high, 217, so I am on Vytorin for six months. The weight loss and increased activity (when I do it) should bring me back off of it. After all, the women in my family may have been diabetic, but they died of heart disease. Not my plan!