Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Summertime and the living is meh

Time for As You Wish, the regional burn.  Things are going well enough.  Working on Poems of Unusual Size, and Needful Things, and going to fire practice every Sunday.  Just got placement for Burning Man, 630 and Elektro.  Really, really need to get the art off the ground.  It wouldn't be summer if I weren't panicking about not enough art ....

Monday, March 19, 2018

Arise, my shambling blog.

Yeah, I think I should do this more.  Eighteen months is far too long to let this languish, untouched, unread, unloved.

And damn, do I have a lot to blather about.  More tomorrow, work up to it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Jackalope Rodeo, ELement 11 Utah Regional

Sister Wife?

Looking Sharp.

So I did indeed attend the Regional Burn.  The ostomy reversal was in April, and I immediately popped a fever and an infection.  Cleaned that out and went to a wound vac.  Wound vacs are a sucking hell.  But it was gone in time to burn.

Next: Burning Man and the Horrible Hernia.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Downhill like a greased pig in a handbasket to hell on a ski slope

The foot was tendonitis.  It eventually resolved with rest and an anti-inflammatory cream.

Ah, but then things got weird.  Many UTIs, bad ones.  And soon, air through the  urethra.  Oh fuck.  Fistula, my colon attached to the bladder.  Surgery in December, with an ostomy.  My gut is literally sticking out my side and I poop in  a bag.  It still hurts though, and has gotten bulgy above the stoma area. Ostomy nurse thinks it is a hernia, but of course I need to see the surgeon about that in two weeks.  In the meantime, I can barely eat anything, I hurt, I am tired, and I am fucking miserable.

Pardon the language, but fuck me.  This sucks I had to cancel my SF trip, sell my Mexico vacation, and the regional burn in July is right out.

I. Will. Not. Miss. Burning Man.

wish me luck

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kickin' it. Nope.

So the foot has been sore since about May.  X-ray and MRI show nothing, so nothing is broken or fractured.  What is this hot nail feeling, this stabby burning, this hurting hell which is making me lame?  Tendonitis.  Which is actually worse, as rest, stabilization, and anti-inflammatory cream are the only treatment.  And time.  And not timey-wimey wibbly wobbly time, just plan boring old time.

I already have a blister from half a day in the new brace.  Joy.  

Monday, June 22, 2015

Clearing out the cobwebs....

Middle of the night, cannot sleep.  So I wandered back here.  Could not find myself at first, fortunately I was still linked through wordpress as a commenter on Mr. Mallozzi's blog.

Yeah, life goes on.  I am not having a steller day. Or week or month.  I'm lame, feeling isolated, fat, and lonely.  Stupid foot hurts, and wearing the walking boot is making my knee and shin hurt more.  Stupid sleep test was not done right, I get to go back for seconds.  I need to schedule a colonoscopy.  I might have a UTI.  My container plants are wilting in the heat.  I am stressed over my art show at the coffeehouse.  Stressed about money.  We need a new kitchen ceiling, and a new roof.  The cats spat.  I cannot do housework when I am hobbled, place is a mess.  I count calories and make no progress.  I planned no art or theme camp for Element 11, don't know how I will get around, and generally do not want to go.  My libido has vanished.  Old neighbors moving away, my quiet block is changing.  I feel old.  Get off my lawn, or at least pick up the trash which falls out of your car and blows onto my yard.

And so it goes.

I'll be better later.  Still on the right side of the grass.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A bit better. Perhaps.

I am quite relieved Congress got their act together.  However, that means choices.  Personally, I need to build up the emergency funds.  Corners have been cut as deep as I can without beginning to sacrifice a desired lifestyle.  Perhaps a better grip on discretionary spending?

Politically?  I don't really want to be an activist, but perhaps there is more I can do.  I've already begin letter writing.  I know it does little good with hard headed greed mongers, but it is a beginning.

I cleared the art boxes yesterday, now I need to clean up the clips and such, and repack the art which is ready to go.  The art which needs touching up or refurbishing is on the table or in the ready box.  Then I had a lovely asthma attack and spend the evening on the couch.  Joy.

Still have not found my glasses.  This is a rather blurry picture of them.