Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bucky's all Tied UP.

A wonderful burner from Florida made fuzzy bows for Bucky and Co. They look dashing! I have to dig Scraps the Wonder Dog out of the garage. Bucky's green foam wig could be problematic on the playa, it does not attach securely and would blow away in the wind. As it is, I haven't figured out how to attach Mrs. Bucky's veil and wig. Yes, that's the wig Little Miss was wearing, but I think she looks cute with just the bow.

Art preview. I think the Godzilla at Red Rocks should be spouting flames. My kitchen is full of paintings in progress.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Slippage and Bounce.

I have been remiss about posting ... but let's face it folks, it's hot and I'm cranky. So what's new?

We had folks over for a cookout on Saturday, nothing fancy. I did discover a new taste treat; Twinkies toasted over a bonfire. The inside gets all hot and gooey, the outside all crunchy sweet toasty ... yum. But they drip.

I bucked up and canceled the monthly tip to my crappy paper carriers. I only get three papers a week; I have a broad and low front porch, how hard can this be? I've called to complain about missing papers, about papers down in the snow or into the yarrow. How hard is it to walk up to a porch and drop a paper on it? Too hard, apparently, I've been up and seen her; she walks halfway across the yard and throws the paper. If it misses, she just walks off. If I hadn't been naked, I'd have run out and thrown it back at her. Sunday she nailed my container plants.

Buckys are doing fine. I found white twist-ties to attach the ring, a lovely burner in Florida is making custom bow ties, MyLArry got the cross-bracing under the platform. We've taken it for a test spin and he modified the hitch a bit with some tubing to prevent slippage and bounce. I like that: Slippage and Bounce.

No pictures.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Bucky Project, Step Two

Pictures: Bucky has sprung a rib; I am trying to mend it with molding glue and clamps. Little Miss Bucky has a curly green wig which needs fitting. Bucky's Wedding Boxers. He needs black dress shoes instead of furry playa boots, I think. Mrs. Bucky has a diamond necklace, I still need to find a green wig for her. I have a wedding ring, but am not certain how to attach it without ruining the ring or her bony fingers.

The green paint is on the platform, it now needs skirting trim to hide the raw under-braces. The wheels will show a little. The fancy floral solar lights I had and forgot to bring to use last year. Just perfect for the four corner poles of the fence.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Bucky Project

Art Project! In 2006, I did a fixed, placed piece of theme art with Bucky as the star. While it was rewarding and enjoyable, we thought that this year we'd do a mobile project. I'd acquired Mrs. Bucky and Little Miss Bucky with the idea we'd be placed, but the idea wasn't panning out. A tow-behind the Rhoadescar platform holding the three Buckys and the dog seemed perfect. How to keep riders off? A low fence, and sure enough, Lowe's had a sale on the black iron fencing. I struggled with what the Buckys should wear, the concept. Burners? Too easy, too empty. I have this great black Gothic wedding veil, and a lot of formal wear in burgundy and black. The wedding party began taking form. The Desi volunteering her wedding gown, a beautiful dress which she made herself and will never wear again. We picked up a velvet dress for Little Miss in the thrift shop. Bucky is trickier, a full tuxedo jacket swamps him. Larry does have a pair of velvet tuxedo boxers, if I add a bow tie and a vest and dress shoes, Bucky should look great! I could use a green bow tie, a green wig for Mrs. Bucky, and a black wedding bouquet. Perhaps a tophat for Bucky. I don't want to buy these things, so I'm hoping the eplaya will come through for me.

The platform will be painted green; the original plan was astro-turf, but that's too MOOPy. The next thought was polar fleece, but hey, we already have green paint on hand! The fencing will be held together with black poles topped by fancy black floral solar lights. We will also string green solar LEDS through the lower part of the fence. Bucky's chair is dark green; I will attach my green velvet Christmas bows on the four corners of the fence. There will be skirting made from baseboards along the bottom. I have a black frame which will hold the title of the piece, "The Bucky Nuptial Party." Coming together nicely!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Raspberries, yum.

I know, I've been remiss at posting. The end of Dark Skies? Had to undo the tarp on the trailer completely at the checkpoint; they let us over the dam. Once in Vegas we hit the IHOP, the the Mass Consumer Outlet Mall while waiting for check-in time. Jacob washed up and headed for th4e airport; Dave23 went sound a sleep. We thought of hitting the pool , but we decide to take the shuttle to the Strip and visit Coyote Uglys. The trouble is that the shuttle drops off at Caesar's Palace, too far for me to walk. We strolled through the Forum Shops; the building and art was fun but the shops were pretentious, as were the dressed up tourists. A tourist in nice clothes is still a tourist, doesn't give them call to bump into us and be rude. Stopped at Vosges Chocolat. I sampled the Bacon Bar, indeed I am correct, bacon does not go with milk chocolate at all. Needs to be deep dark chocolate! The Black Pearl Bar with the hints of wasabi and ginger was nice; but I wouldn't bend over backwards for it. the real taste treat was the Naga Bar; even though it was milk chocolate, the touches of coconut and sweet curry were superb. I'd go out of my way for that again.

Finally we found an exit, and cut through the Bellagio. Okay, the Murano glass flowers covering the ceiling of the lobby, that was worth seeing. Took a cab to New York New York. Larry was greeted with howdys and cries of "Hey Moses!" It's the beard. I got Desi up on the bar, where she glared at me more than danced. She got a tank top as a reward.

Home again, I am supposed to be painting and sewing, I get a bit done each day, but I am tired and uninspired. Today is my oncology follow-up. I've been outside picking raspberries, so yummy. I had to dodge the wasps and pick around the spider webs; but I don't see as many bees as I used to. That's sad and kinda scary. The canes are ever-bearing, the more you pick, the more they canes produce. They bear until first frost in October. Watering makes plumper berries. Our canes are in full sun and don't do as well as Rowena's shaded ones. She never picks, so I get all her berries, a pint a day or so. We're talking about digging up the canes this fall and putting them back in the back garden along the side fence. Plenty of water and dappled sun; they should do better than next to the driveway.

Pictures: Fancy candy bars, raspberries, two views of my canes, Rowena's berry canes.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nick Cage Wins the Wet Whities Contest!

So sorry I have been AWOL, things are weird this summer. So much to do, so little energy. I do not have pictures of a lot of the fun stuff which went on at Dark Skies, including the Lake Mead swim, happenings at the Pirate Dome, the Golden Matzo, the fire spinning, the BBQ, the hooping, the music, some of the camps where photography just wasn't the right thing to do. Anyway, I did capture some of the camps, the Hot Legs, Wet T-Shirt, and Wet Tighty-whitey contests.

Pictures: Nick Cage Wins!, Themecamp placement sign, MyLarry's Red Ant Extermination Flamethrower Service (that's Dave 23's Dad), Mojave Drums campsite, Me and MyLarry, Party Naked Tiki Bar with our 4-wheel bike parked in front, American Dream Art Plane, Larry finds a desert friend in camp, Larry finds a second desert friend in the neighbor's camp (catch and release somewhere a little safer than a camp), Larry and Bucky, Larry and Jacob, Men's Hot Legs Contest (Dave 23 won, but he's shy and asked that I not post his super-hot pictures, LOL), wet Tighty-whitey contestant (You go, Jacob!), Winners of the wet T-short contests (They cheated, there were three of them and they were super-hot!!!!), Larry in his Hat, Jacob as Ganesh, Lake Mead, Dave23 and Jacob, Ranger Borderline.