Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, the lights are on at dad's after the mysterious "electrical" problem. Really just a random switch in the kitchen which turns off half the basement lights. Larry found the little gaskets for the shower, so that seems to be fixed; we won't know until we get the water back on. I am reluctant to do that if he isn't standing there. Since he's usually only home on Saturdays, that will be tricky. No use to stress over it until he's back from Omaha in a couple weeks.

Got the last of the big items except for the two beds out of the house. That's a relief. One single bed will head to the dump, the other is a craftmatic without a mattress. I hope I can sell or give it away, but I doubt it. May small items like chairs and a couple tables, sewing desk and so on. Still a metric buttload of trash though. And the scary, scary prospect of trying to salvage what is in the back bedroom where the cardboard boxes are rotting into the carpet. Ick. That's hazardous. I will need a respirator. Burning Man gear to the rescue yet again.

I was up ay dad's house for just over an hour last night, and I got tight in the lungs fast this time. I'd been into the pantry and stepped into the back room briefly. I am up at four in the morning with an asthma attack. Oh, I am not wheezing, but I am definitely not breathing right, feels as though y airways have been lined with cotton. Aching, stabby cotton. Do Not Like. Trying a littl eherbal tea, although I really should have my breathing meter out.