Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day my shiny heinie

Catching up:
We sold dad's house for $52K. Between the mold in the basement, which meant it had to be stripped completely, a 40 year old furnace, bad walls upstairs, the driveway, the brick porch cracking off, and the FOUR major cracks in the foundation, it was take and offer and run.

I was in the hospital with diverticulitis. At least I didn't have surgery. I still awful; food is the enemy.

Went to NM to take Wayne's things to Sue. That was interesting and a nice break, but too soon after the hospital (one day) to have been as much fun as possible. Spent too much money.

I miss mom. Dad was born on Mother's Day, so double dip the pity. Sprinkle on the ghosts of my almost children, and Kim's untimely departure and I feel like crap today.