Friday, June 27, 2008

Setting Camp, or Home Sweet Home

Ah, Mojave Drums Campground, near Meadview just south of Lake Mead. The terrain here is far different from the Black Rock Desert's playa for Burning Man. There, it is perfectly flat, hard and dusty; no rocks or sand, no vegetation, no critters. And cooler too! Which meant we had sand and rocks and critters and plants and things. Hey, isn't that a song?

It was already at least a hundred when we arrived, the crew got right on the shade structure. I helped a little with ball bungees and knuckle joints and ropes, but I soon turned bright red. Once the carport was up, I was stuffed in the shade while they finished the common area shade. The carport is tilted over, the winds go right over it, that's where the tents are. The camo netting covers the "living room" which holds the small table and the folding chairs and the nap cot. Normally we have a second carport facing the other with the camo in between, but thats the larger set up for Burning Man and includes the kitchen. We simply set the stove in the trailer and a table/water station under the front edge of the camo shade.

The blue tent and the grey shade were neighbors, they left the next day as they couldn't take the heat. We got other neighbors the following afternoon who ticked me off; they were smoking pot and the wind blew it into our camp. I had a horrible asthma attack while I was lying down on the cot trying to stay cool. They said it was psychological because "We smoked more weed later and you were fine." Asshats, the wind had died down and wasn't sending the smoke into our camp. "But pot is good for asthma." Not when it is a trigger, you assclowns! They were actually nice when we got talking, but potheads never believe some of us want nothing to do with smoke.

Pictures: Jacob in his redneck hippie outfit, putting up the carport and camo, back of the trailer utility area, tents, finished camp.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Outbound Journey

After a good night's sleep, we begin the ride out to Mojave Drums. First stop, the Pilot to fuel. Larry grabbed the squeegee and hit the windshield. Crack!!!! From the driver's side to the passenger side, a giant crack. We had no choice but to carry on.

Next hurdle: the Hoover Dam. All towed trailers, buses, RVs and such must be inspected. If they cannot see into your trailer you must take the long, long detour south and around. Fortune smiled, the guard at the checkpoint knew about the event. "You guys headed out to Dark Skies?" "Yes sir!" "That's like Burning Man, right?" "You bet!" And over the dam we went. It was too crowded and impractical to stop for photos below, but we did pull into one of the upper lots. Got a happy drunken frat boy to snap our picture. (I am getting more and more dreadfully fat, aren't I?). Then into the desert, swing north toward Lake Mead through Dolan Springs. Tiny town, spread out all over. Not a lot to see. Then into the Joshua Tree Forest. WOW! I am used to seeing stands of joshua trees, they simply aren't that impressive. These trees, however, these trees were gigantic for joshuas! Huge! Old! Tens of thousands of them, mile after mile after mile of them! Did I mention Wow?

So that's the pictures. Hoover Dam, including the cool statues flanking the flag and joshua trees, plus a couple shots of the trailer and Trailblazer. Woohoo! If you would like to see a good picture of the Hoover Dam, buy a postcard.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Descent into Hades

Ah, Dark Skies! The ever-morphing, ever-wonderful Vegas Burn. Except there was no burning, the fire danger was too high. Had a little fire spinning, excellent performances by skilled people. Nice!

Wednesday morning, we got the trailer packed up and ready to go. In reality, mylarry and Borderline packed the trailer, I supervised. Then it was off southbound to Vegas. We stopped at Moapa and purchased booze for the party, even though we had a bin full of it tucked into the trailer. At Moapa Band of Paiutes Casino/Fireworks Shop, they carry unique beverages not available in Utah.

We stayed at the Worldmark Resort and dipped in the spa. Nice, warm, bubbly water! The room was a two bedroom, and Jacob came in and joined us for the drive out to Mojave Drums, near Meadview AZ and Lake Mead.

Tomorrow: The next level.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Desi has a Bug

Desi brought her brother's VW Bug down from Idaho, it will be her new old car. Needs some TLC, but is in fairly good shape. I think it needs a peace sign, a daisy and a mushroom and a smiley face. But I'm weird.

Pictures: Working on the Bug, Gazing balls (solar color change LEDs!), front porch flower containers.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shiny Happy People

Sorry I haven't posted in a week or more, I've been under the chilly, rainy weather. Icky internal malfunctions and face herpes make for an unhappy me. So here's pictures of some of the Happy Shiny People. Thank you Ranger Honey for the great shots of MyLarry as Thing One.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Eclectic Elephant Element 11

I'm back from Element 11, aka Eclectia 11. Somewhat sunburned, bug bitten, probably dehydrated and definitely sleep deprived. Yes, I had fun. It wasn't better last year, although it was different. I didn't get pictures of many things, like the Cat in the Hat slide, the Champagne Karaoke Ballroom, The Temple of Vallhalla, and on and on. More pictures of people tomorrow. I'll just jump into the pictures.

The elephant theme took off, and the most visual elephant of all is the Hindu god Ganesh. So the big burn effigy was, well, Ganesh. Very nice seats, hangings and an altar inside. The trunk was a flame thrower. Next, setting camp. I'm pretty much banned from all heavy lifting and labor, they don't want to listen to me bitching. Bizarro Wicker Land Clock Tower ... burnable sculpture. Me, of course. Note the lack of costume, just didn't have a comfy daytime one. Ganesh double-decker art car stuck in the quicksand. This trunk also was a flamethrower. Larry rocking it as Thing One. I'll have to find a full length photo and post it. Me, again. Note the Mai-Tai induced smile. Ranger Genius in front of my Home for Wayward Art. Bucky chills in the Thing Wig. Marvelous Messenger. My photo prop boards, note the Ganesh theme! Anti M's Home for Wayward Art, 2k8 Regional edition. World's Largest Disco Ball ... seriously look it up in Guiness. MyLarry taking a pre-performance chill out nap. Art cars at night; in addition to the Ganesh, there was a Jellyfish and a Rat. Fire performers ... the trouble with being the fuel masters is that we don't get to see much of the show from behind, we're busy bees with the pouring and dipping, tons and tons of energy from the stilters and dancers and spinners . The elephant went up hot and fast; note the camera flash on the pallets. The guy had never been to one of our burns before and didn't realize that he had to get his stuff out of there pronto. He ran in and grabbed the pallet, but his slave flash unit still had melted. Around the bonfire.