Thursday, December 4, 2008

...just like that.

My brother is gone. Cardiac arrest just after midnight. As we know, he'd had cancer, and that terribly risky stem cell transplant. Well, in the last week he had caught a cold. Apparently he couldn't kick it and was failing. The SIL called, he was in the ER and they were trying to stabilize him to get him flown down to LDS ICU where they can do the specialized isolation care. He got there but they couldn't keep him going.

We've contacted the Red Cross to get Jeremy home.

I have a lot of issues right now. A lot.

Life is too short, far too short and often unfair. Grab that rascal and wring every drip drop possible from the wretched thing.

The last gift I gave him was a Star Trek Communicator ornament. Lights and sound, he loved it. When I went to sleep, I knew he had been in the ER and was headed for ICU. What did I dream of? Receiving a garbled message through my matching communicator. I could hear the voice and strained to catch the words but they were too faint and fading. I will need to sleep, and to dream, to find his farewell once more.

See ya later, Rotten Brother.


archersangel said...

i'm sorry to hear about his passing.

shiningwit said...

My thoughts are with you.*hugs*