Friday, January 9, 2009

This n that.

Got the financial stuff almost resolved. Now to deal with Tricare, lucky me.

Larry is taking huge amounts of antibiotics, but it seems as though he will have surgery on his sinus cavity next week. Totally blocked! Poor guy drove all night last night, came home around seven in the morning and is zonked now.

Got the Christmas stuff down. Now I have to see the containers get put away. Still have a few odds and ends to take down and store. I certainly do it up right.

My couchsurfer never materialized; I think the giant snowstorm ate him.

I gave in and joined Facebook. Not unlike tribe, but I've not found groups to belong to much. That's alright. I did post a ton of photos, and found Megumi! Yay!

1 comment:

archersangel said...

hope your husband gets better.
glad the financial stuff almost resolved.
too bad about the couchsurfer. evil snowstorm.