Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mayday, Mayday

Okay, this is before the weed mats and the white rocks got put down. I'll take more pictures after it stops raining. What is this? Seattle?

The compost beds and composter. The old Christmas tree was the neighbor's, we can burn it.

A month and I've not posted? Is it the Twitter? The Facebook? A little, but mostly just a hectic and crappy month.

The superhero fundraiser was alright. We personally raised very few funds for ourselves, in fact, I spent too much on paint. It was fun. Larry looked amazing in his batsuit, but I don't have a picture. Perhaps that's a Good Thing, he was Bat Girl in stilletto boots.

I came down with a terrible cold just a few days later. I was so sick I didn't get out of bed for three days except for needs (bathroom) and wants (liquids). I still have a lingering cough. his may be related to hay fever and asthma, but the overall effect is that I've been down for several weeks. Oh yes, and that Aunt Flo thing. You'd think I'd be done with all that.

Larry's been home a lot, some weeks he wasn't, like when I was ill. This week there was only one steel load. Sure, he had a day of training and a local or two, but that makes it hard to pay the bills with joy. He did do a lot in the garden for me. He worked over the compost beds, and raked and has been clearing the mess around the back fence. Put down weed mat and started containers, put up a fence to slow down the dogs, and I got my solar lights placed. The peas are already up and the lettuce is beginning to show. I could harvest rhubarb right now. And chives. The strawberries have buds!