Monday, August 3, 2009

Raspberry Barvarian and Zucchini Fritters ...

... and Ginger-Orange-Oatmeal cookies. Needed more crystallized ginger, but chopping it up is a pain.

While I normally don't "do" fried foods, the neighbor's gift of giant zucchini meant I couldn't steam them. The big ones are ... weird when steamed. I suck at making zucchini bread, so I went with fritters. Couldn't find my coarse grater, had to whip out the Japanese cleaver and do a LOT of fine slicing. yes, they were delicious with poppyseed dip. Yes, that's a combo of olive and canola oils. Tasty, MyLarry really enjoyed them.

In this summer heat, the raspberries go over-ripe on a hurry. You have to cook with them, so I gave a Bavarian a shot. I made mistakes. I should have set aside a little whipped cream for garnish. I don't care, it is a tasty beast. I even grew the strawberries!

And don't look at my kitchen too closely, the camera adds ten pounds ... of dirt!


archersangel said...

not sure what a bavarian is, but it looks good

Kanani said...

Heaven! Zucchini fritters!
Thanks for coming by my blog today and signing up as a follower. I really appreciate it, and I'll check back with you frequently!

Love your bio!