Monday, February 22, 2010

Damn Cancer

Improvement? An illusion.

I don't check my emails at night and have been having kinks in my wifi. I checked this morning. Kim has very much taken a turn for the worse. She's not been eating, and they cannot feed her via an IV as that only feeds the cancer cells. She cannot get up or turn over by herself, far too weak to consider more chemo. Tom, her husband, says she got much worse last night. She barely acknowledges the presence of visitors, and cannot talk beyond a quiet grunt. Her cognition is not what it should be, not even considering the pain meds.

MyLarry went to work this morning to talk to his dispatcher. That's when I read the email concerning Kim's turn. I called, we got him on a flight as soon as we could. He grabbed his pack from the truck, and tossed in a few clothes, he's traveling in his Central work shirt and clothes! (Plus, Yikes on same day fares). His sister Wendy will pick him up in Ohio adn they will drive to WV. I see there is a big storm rolling through, but Larry is a professional driver, he can plow through anything. The planes? who knows? I do hope they make it before Kim passes. She could leave us any moment now.

Kim is six months older than I am. She has an 11 year old daughter, and a loving husband. How terrible for all of them, for all of us.

I had to stay behind because I was up here in Ogden, and truly we can't really afford this unexpected trip. Oh, we can pay for it, and all our bills will be paid, but it is a crunch. Larry will lose a week of pay, and we have the Hawaii bills due now. Crap, huh? And if there is a funeral, we likely will not be able to attend. Which I mind for the family, but not for the funeral itself. I abhor funerals. Too, too many in my life these past ten years.

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archersangel said...

sorry to hear that she took a turn for the worse