Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December, thou art a cold bitch

Well, this has been quite the month. I was doing fairly well with the exercise and eating well, but then stuff happened, and fast. I broke my crown, the one which was supposed to have a new root canal, on Thanksgiving Day. The oral surgeon smoothed it off, and we made an appointment for January to extract the whole molar and put in an implant. Oh joy. The rest of it fell off the morning I was to go in for a cleaning; my regular dentist smoothed it down even more. Oh, and I've had three courses of antibiotics to get the gum to settle down. Blech.

I also had a new hernia off the old mesh, so had surgery for that. Not pleased at all, but at least he cut along the old scar. I was doing okay, ab surgery is painful to recover from, but I was recovering alright. The morning I had my first follow up appointment, I bent over to pet the cat and ZAP! Searing internal pain, nearly knocked me off my feet. I thought I was dying. I called Larry, he was able to come home to take me in to see the doc, I chose not to go to the ER because I didn't pass out and my blood pressure was running high, not low.
Turns out the mesh had "released" internally. The edges were stitched on tight, the surface is something like velcro which adheres to the internal flesh as it heals. The doc says this is not alarming. Not alarming to him, but more than a little alarming to me. Also immobilized me further, and slowed my progress.
For now, the staples are out, the scabs and steristrips have fallen off, although I still have red rectangles where they had stuck the stuff to make a sterile shield on my abdomen. My gut is lumpier, has hard spots, and did not drain like it did with the last surgery. I am quite bloated and every muscle in my belly pulls me forward, weakening my back even more. Five pounds of water weight, because I haven't had all that many holiday treats. Getting up and down is an exercise in caution, turning over in bed means shifting my lump of flesh or it pokes and stabs me.
Don't get fat and sloppy, see what happens?

Move it or lose it. I've been losing it for four weeks now.

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