Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Of Sorts.

Sigh.  I am extremely nervous about the shut down. Sorting out the financials, seeing which corners can be cut and which are locked in.  Sorting the needs from the wants, and the want more from the want less.  Sorting which assets can be tapped and which are hands off.  Trying to stay positive.  

This may just blow over, but will make me flintier in the future.  I never thought I could not count on my VA and Larry's Navy retired pay.  Damn politicians.

Began sorting the art boxes.  Cards to be sorted and I need an album for them.  Clips and pens to be sorted, donated art to be sorted, art which has been hanging around too long to be sorted, art which no one wants to be sorted, and weird donations which must be reworked to be sorted.  Wrapping paper, bubble wrap and plastic bags to be sorted.  

Sort the art supplies and the kitchen table studio so I can sort out the sorted art.  Arrrrrgh.

I need to sort out the freezers too, and the pantry.  Take stock for the winter stock up.

Sort out my work room and my closet.  

Sort of tired and down at the moment.  

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