Monday, June 22, 2015

Clearing out the cobwebs....

Middle of the night, cannot sleep.  So I wandered back here.  Could not find myself at first, fortunately I was still linked through wordpress as a commenter on Mr. Mallozzi's blog.

Yeah, life goes on.  I am not having a steller day. Or week or month.  I'm lame, feeling isolated, fat, and lonely.  Stupid foot hurts, and wearing the walking boot is making my knee and shin hurt more.  Stupid sleep test was not done right, I get to go back for seconds.  I need to schedule a colonoscopy.  I might have a UTI.  My container plants are wilting in the heat.  I am stressed over my art show at the coffeehouse.  Stressed about money.  We need a new kitchen ceiling, and a new roof.  The cats spat.  I cannot do housework when I am hobbled, place is a mess.  I count calories and make no progress.  I planned no art or theme camp for Element 11, don't know how I will get around, and generally do not want to go.  My libido has vanished.  Old neighbors moving away, my quiet block is changing.  I feel old.  Get off my lawn, or at least pick up the trash which falls out of your car and blows onto my yard.

And so it goes.

I'll be better later.  Still on the right side of the grass.

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