Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Happy Hippie Bus takes off

This is the project I've been working on all last week, in addition to starting some paintings. This bus is a Burner Bus, but I like to call it the Happy Hippie Bus. a very 60s~70s decor, with all the cliches I can think of. I started with the undercarriage and floor, added the stairs, the front panel, the rug, the back panel, then the steering wheel and dashboard, and the small stair wall. Next was the sides and the roof sections. What takes so long is waiting for the paint and glue to dry before moving on!

The rug was originally two orange washclothes I picked up after Halloween on clearance. The roof sections are lined with Japanese washi paper. The undercarriage is solid black. I will add in the doors (non-opening) and then paint murals on the sides and rear. Although I may put on the front and back bumpers first! I've already begun cabinets for the interior, and I have some furniture and "stuff". I need to make all the Burnery things, poi, hula hoops, stilts ... I even have a one inch scale ice chest!

The Bus will be joined by an Airstream-style trailer later.


archersangel said...

looks interesting. is that going to burning man this year?

MaggieMayDay said...

Yes, it is! But I have to make a clear box to cover it to keep the dust put.

jmfan said...

Trés sympa tout ces décoration. c'est trés réussi =)

MaggieMayDay said...