Monday, March 16, 2009

Leaving Spain

I guess I should finish this trip, Hmmm?

We got up very early to depart; our flight was the first of the morning. Driving to the airport and dropping off the car was a breeze that early in the morning. I was touched by the janitors who were giving juice boxes to the few homeless guys camped in the lobby.

There was a large group of kids on a field trip waiting for our flight. Boys engaged in a candy fight, giggling girls. Unattended baggage "in line" for check in. There were several announcements made, and the women and her two teens sitting behind us studiously avoided hearing them. When it was time to check in, she and the kids rushed up, a man who'd been waiting had stepped up. She bitched at him and grabbed her bags, and shoved in front with her kids. But the flight attendants made everyone wait until they had every child and chaperone on board. She had the nerve to complain, and was told (in English) that the welfare of the children came first and she would simply have to wait. Whatta toolette.

Good thing I gave us plenty of time between flights. The international terminal is a hike and a half to Terminal One ... you have to get the boarding passes on one level, then go find security. Yikes, my feet hurt. We did buy wine, sanwiches and pastries for a quick bite. If you have Euros to spend, do not buy perfume or booze; buy chocolate at the duty free shop. You can take the chocolate through security.

The flight was unremarkable. Atlanta sucks. Immigration wasn't so bad, nor customs. They're very official. Mostly concerned about ham and sausages. Immigration would have been quicker if the tourists hadn't gotten into the citizen lines. We found our waiting area. My feet hurt. Larry fetched food. Then we had to go to another terminal; our flight changed gates. That involved taking the tram again. Our flight was delayed and delayed. It was very full, I was sitting back by the toilets on the aisle. Worst. Seat. Ever. One poor woman got sick, they had to close off the toilet, she'd made such a mess. Poor thing almost passed out in the back, they had her on the floor. They called for a doctor, there were several on board! We almost landed in Denver; but by the time a decision was made, Salt Lake was closer. Yay for us. Many people had already missed their connecting flight anyway. The poor woman was traveling with teenage boys, I felt really bad for the family. We all had to wait to deplane until the paramedics came and took the lady away. Poor thing.

We got home and I was very, very glad. My feet hurt.

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archersangel said...

that sounds like quite a trip back. that poor woman