Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Last night we had a hawk sitting in the grass in the backyard. He was holding his wing funny and just hopped under our bushes when we entered the yard. We called the wildlife people, but they couldn't find their raptor tech. Eventually the hawk hopped out and sat on a log behind my herb garden. We sat and waited for a call, about an hour, there are neighborhood cats dumb enough to try that bird as a snack. Big as a cat himself! He watched us, and we watched him. We called the raptor rehab, but they don't have the resources to come do a capture. So the lady said she'd walk Larry through catching the hawk. Larry was game, he has experience catching wild owls (long story). He shooed the bird out from behind the flowerbed... hop hop hop and suddenly he flew into the pine trees behind us. The first wildlife gal said sometimes they eat too much and can't fly, but we think he flew into something like our cables and stunned himself or wrenched a wing and needed to rest. Cool that he is okay, but I couldn't get good pictures; I didn't want to get too close in case I spooked him.

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