Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Summer had been hanging on, warm days and cool nights. Perfection Last night we had wind, windy wind, which blew leaves all over the neighborhood. Even green leaves came down. Our maple shed a few, but she's the last tree on the block to drop her leaves, and she has a mighty stash above our heads. A few red and orange and yellow, but the old gal is still green and lush.

After the wind we had hail. Not big ones, but fast and hard. And then it rained. Today is dreary and dull and damp. MyLarry has already had the fireplace going this year. A good thing he has a double stack of firewood as long as the garage, and up to the eaves.

I put up the Halloween decorations, and the lights in the windows. I didn't do the front room, just not into it this year. I haven't even brought up the Buckys from the basement. And I need fresh porch pumpkins! The kitchen is another place I don't think I'll get done as I still have my art studio on the table. I want to paint a couple scenes to display at Decompression in November. That means no setting the table with the haunted castle cookie jar and the pumpkin tablecloth! I'm such a slacker.

My arthritis knows it is autumn. Random pain in the feet and knees, grrrrrr.

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archersangel said...

very nice. i think i like the skeleton flamingos the best.