Wednesday, October 21, 2009

River of rocks

I'm just hanging out today, doing minimal chores. Larry went to work at 4:30 in the morning, but was back by ten-thirty. He'd done all his work too fast! He was shuttling steel loads in Salt Lake Valley down to a work site in Provo. He got too many done each day, so this morning there was only one load left. He makes the other drivers look like slackers.

Now he's headed up to the ranch with Desi and her sister to pick up rocks. There's a mountain cliff which kicks off a river of flat rocks, the type which are used by decorators and landscapers. Since it is Desi's family ranch, she can go get rock anytime she likes. They took our Trailblazer and trailer, the ranch has dirt roads leading up to it, and bumpier dirt roads inside it. Who says our SUV is not used the way it was intended? Anyway, the ranch is way up in Grouse Creek in the north-eastern mountains of Utah. They have to take a shotgun in case of mountain lions! They shoot at the coyotes too, so the dogs don't get snatched. Smoky is fierce, but small, Heidi is small and dumb.

Desi needs rocks for her garden, Larry wants a few to bridge the patio and storage areas under the eastern side of the maple tree. He's thinned the branches of the maple up into a column, we can have our firepit under that and sit near the patio rather than at the bottom of the yard. The bottom of the yard is great in summer, but once the snow flies, we;d like to sit up out of the deep snow.

I didn't go because my knees are killing me today, wouldn't be wise hiking in the rough terrain.

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