Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'd call it Improvement, but we saw what happened last time.

My nephew is doing better, responding to treatment. he is out of the medically induced coma, but is still on a breathing tube (trachy-style) and so heavily sedated he may as well still be in the coma. I wouldn't call it "getting better", but it is positive progress. I'm just pessimistic lately.

My sailor nephew has three weeks at home. This is good, his mom needs him. After all, this is the son who lost his father, my brother, in 2008. Tough times, but he is a tough kid. Loves the Navy, loves being a nuke, he'll be alright in the long run. However he's going so far in the hole on his leave days that we won't see him for at least a year after prototype. Meh, he'll be busy on the boat no doubt. He did come over and we had a great visit. Beer and pizza and trash TV and talk, talk, talk, get three sailors in a room....

Nothing else of note, doing the garden, gearing up for Element 11, trying to get back to working out after that tumble down the stairs. I still have deep bruises on the sides of my knees. Doing okay on the eating plan, although I have had two meals out in the last week: Chinese at Golden Dynasty and Mexican (chicken mole burrito) at Javier's. Nummy, but I can tell they're bad for me. Ah well.

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