Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mountains of Crap

Long time, no see.

Burning Man happened. It was okay, we had rain and whiteouts and didn't get out of camp much. Just a weird year, and not in the most interesting ways. My camera died a dusty death.

Still dealing with dad's house. I finally have the nieces off their asses, some of them, to retrieve their treasures. You want your inheritance? Come and get it.

Marvin is still in the basement but he's hiding from me. Only a couple weeks left on his 30 days to vacate. I don't think he has the money, but I don't care now. I cared when I thought he was a human being, not a filthy pig. Ford and I were emptying the cupboards so the kids could see the dishes and such and take them. We're talking a lot of nice things from Japan. Anyway, I opened the drawer and there's not a fork or spoon to be seen. WTF? And then I got looking at the "daily" dishes. Almost all of them are AWOL. So I went downstairs to see if I could spot any. I never have gone into Marvin's room, I don't go into people's bedrooms if their doors are closed. Never. But I had decided to push the door open to see if I could see any dishes. DAMN. I could only open the door a few inches. The room is chest high is GARBAGE. What. The. Hell? He can't be sleeping in there, he must be using the recliner upstairs. No wonder he was upset when we took all the old mattresses away. I think he'd been sleeping on the mattress dad died on.

I thought I was giving the man privacy, not license to make the basement into a toxic dump. I had thought of some money to help him move, but now? Not a dime.

I will wait the 30 days to avoid the legal hassle of evicting a resident. He could become a squatter then and have rights. No fucking way. In two weeks, his time is up and I can legally throw him out. If I have to call the cops, I will. The health department too if that's what it takes.

I hate it when I trust people and they turn out to be a waste if my faith in humanity.

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archersangel said...

ugh! some people. i hope you get him out with minimum fuss.