Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Surgical drains

So the surgeon put in a drain on the 25th.  Left it in for a week.  Was still draining, about 25 ml a day.  Took it out after a week.  Seroma came right back.
Radiology doc put in a similar drain on June something or other.  More hardware  including a valve for flushing it out.  Two weeks in, he does a scan. Seroma is 2/3 smaller.  Good.  I get the drain for two more weeks, boo.  Still draining.  I want a bath, not a shower.  Boo.  I am wearing muumuus, I need to make one more.  Sigh.

 Damn thing opened in bed. Ick.

I hate life.

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archersangel said...

very icky. well at least it seems to be working & you'll be back to your regular clothes & baths before you know it.