Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bumpety bump

Yesterday I had my seroma aspirated again.  Usually I don't feel the needle, not more than a pinch.  This time it HURT.  My belly is one massive black bruise, very painful.  Clothing hurts.  Lying down in any position hurts. Sitting hurts.  Standing, yes, you guessed it, hurts. ARGH.

Random nerve spikes in my groin area are doing nothing good for my peace of mind.

Doc is going to put in a drain, my surgery is scheduled for the 25th.  I could have selected this Friday, but not certain Larry will be home.

Worst thing is I have no idea how well the drain will work, what it entails (do I have to have it hooked to a bag? Do I drain that? Change it?), how long it will take.  And so much for water aerobics.  I need to talk to the gym about putting my membership on hiatus.

I do feel this is needed, but I'm not very happy.  Not at all.

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archersangel said...

hope it goes well.