Monday, June 2, 2008

Eclectic Elephant Element 11

I'm back from Element 11, aka Eclectia 11. Somewhat sunburned, bug bitten, probably dehydrated and definitely sleep deprived. Yes, I had fun. It wasn't better last year, although it was different. I didn't get pictures of many things, like the Cat in the Hat slide, the Champagne Karaoke Ballroom, The Temple of Vallhalla, and on and on. More pictures of people tomorrow. I'll just jump into the pictures.

The elephant theme took off, and the most visual elephant of all is the Hindu god Ganesh. So the big burn effigy was, well, Ganesh. Very nice seats, hangings and an altar inside. The trunk was a flame thrower. Next, setting camp. I'm pretty much banned from all heavy lifting and labor, they don't want to listen to me bitching. Bizarro Wicker Land Clock Tower ... burnable sculpture. Me, of course. Note the lack of costume, just didn't have a comfy daytime one. Ganesh double-decker art car stuck in the quicksand. This trunk also was a flamethrower. Larry rocking it as Thing One. I'll have to find a full length photo and post it. Me, again. Note the Mai-Tai induced smile. Ranger Genius in front of my Home for Wayward Art. Bucky chills in the Thing Wig. Marvelous Messenger. My photo prop boards, note the Ganesh theme! Anti M's Home for Wayward Art, 2k8 Regional edition. World's Largest Disco Ball ... seriously look it up in Guiness. MyLarry taking a pre-performance chill out nap. Art cars at night; in addition to the Ganesh, there was a Jellyfish and a Rat. Fire performers ... the trouble with being the fuel masters is that we don't get to see much of the show from behind, we're busy bees with the pouring and dipping, tons and tons of energy from the stilters and dancers and spinners . The elephant went up hot and fast; note the camera flash on the pallets. The guy had never been to one of our burns before and didn't realize that he had to get his stuff out of there pronto. He ran in and grabbed the pallet, but his slave flash unit still had melted. Around the bonfire.

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