Friday, June 27, 2008

Setting Camp, or Home Sweet Home

Ah, Mojave Drums Campground, near Meadview just south of Lake Mead. The terrain here is far different from the Black Rock Desert's playa for Burning Man. There, it is perfectly flat, hard and dusty; no rocks or sand, no vegetation, no critters. And cooler too! Which meant we had sand and rocks and critters and plants and things. Hey, isn't that a song?

It was already at least a hundred when we arrived, the crew got right on the shade structure. I helped a little with ball bungees and knuckle joints and ropes, but I soon turned bright red. Once the carport was up, I was stuffed in the shade while they finished the common area shade. The carport is tilted over, the winds go right over it, that's where the tents are. The camo netting covers the "living room" which holds the small table and the folding chairs and the nap cot. Normally we have a second carport facing the other with the camo in between, but thats the larger set up for Burning Man and includes the kitchen. We simply set the stove in the trailer and a table/water station under the front edge of the camo shade.

The blue tent and the grey shade were neighbors, they left the next day as they couldn't take the heat. We got other neighbors the following afternoon who ticked me off; they were smoking pot and the wind blew it into our camp. I had a horrible asthma attack while I was lying down on the cot trying to stay cool. They said it was psychological because "We smoked more weed later and you were fine." Asshats, the wind had died down and wasn't sending the smoke into our camp. "But pot is good for asthma." Not when it is a trigger, you assclowns! They were actually nice when we got talking, but potheads never believe some of us want nothing to do with smoke.

Pictures: Jacob in his redneck hippie outfit, putting up the carport and camo, back of the trailer utility area, tents, finished camp.


archersangel said...

that's quite a set-up you folks have. too bad about the potheads.
BTW what does the tarp on the ground say?

MaggieMayDay said...

I don't remember! That's a chunk of old billboard vinyl, I think it was a bank advertisement, so I'd have to actually look at it.

We make a lot of our own tarps from used vinyls; another piece of that one is covering the trailer, just with the color side down.