Thursday, June 26, 2008

Outbound Journey

After a good night's sleep, we begin the ride out to Mojave Drums. First stop, the Pilot to fuel. Larry grabbed the squeegee and hit the windshield. Crack!!!! From the driver's side to the passenger side, a giant crack. We had no choice but to carry on.

Next hurdle: the Hoover Dam. All towed trailers, buses, RVs and such must be inspected. If they cannot see into your trailer you must take the long, long detour south and around. Fortune smiled, the guard at the checkpoint knew about the event. "You guys headed out to Dark Skies?" "Yes sir!" "That's like Burning Man, right?" "You bet!" And over the dam we went. It was too crowded and impractical to stop for photos below, but we did pull into one of the upper lots. Got a happy drunken frat boy to snap our picture. (I am getting more and more dreadfully fat, aren't I?). Then into the desert, swing north toward Lake Mead through Dolan Springs. Tiny town, spread out all over. Not a lot to see. Then into the Joshua Tree Forest. WOW! I am used to seeing stands of joshua trees, they simply aren't that impressive. These trees, however, these trees were gigantic for joshuas! Huge! Old! Tens of thousands of them, mile after mile after mile of them! Did I mention Wow?

So that's the pictures. Hoover Dam, including the cool statues flanking the flag and joshua trees, plus a couple shots of the trailer and Trailblazer. Woohoo! If you would like to see a good picture of the Hoover Dam, buy a postcard.

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archersangel said...

nice pics. too bad about the windshield