Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nick Cage Wins the Wet Whities Contest!

So sorry I have been AWOL, things are weird this summer. So much to do, so little energy. I do not have pictures of a lot of the fun stuff which went on at Dark Skies, including the Lake Mead swim, happenings at the Pirate Dome, the Golden Matzo, the fire spinning, the BBQ, the hooping, the music, some of the camps where photography just wasn't the right thing to do. Anyway, I did capture some of the camps, the Hot Legs, Wet T-Shirt, and Wet Tighty-whitey contests.

Pictures: Nick Cage Wins!, Themecamp placement sign, MyLarry's Red Ant Extermination Flamethrower Service (that's Dave 23's Dad), Mojave Drums campsite, Me and MyLarry, Party Naked Tiki Bar with our 4-wheel bike parked in front, American Dream Art Plane, Larry finds a desert friend in camp, Larry finds a second desert friend in the neighbor's camp (catch and release somewhere a little safer than a camp), Larry and Bucky, Larry and Jacob, Men's Hot Legs Contest (Dave 23 won, but he's shy and asked that I not post his super-hot pictures, LOL), wet Tighty-whitey contestant (You go, Jacob!), Winners of the wet T-short contests (They cheated, there were three of them and they were super-hot!!!!), Larry in his Hat, Jacob as Ganesh, Lake Mead, Dave23 and Jacob, Ranger Borderline.

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