Monday, July 28, 2008

Slippage and Bounce.

I have been remiss about posting ... but let's face it folks, it's hot and I'm cranky. So what's new?

We had folks over for a cookout on Saturday, nothing fancy. I did discover a new taste treat; Twinkies toasted over a bonfire. The inside gets all hot and gooey, the outside all crunchy sweet toasty ... yum. But they drip.

I bucked up and canceled the monthly tip to my crappy paper carriers. I only get three papers a week; I have a broad and low front porch, how hard can this be? I've called to complain about missing papers, about papers down in the snow or into the yarrow. How hard is it to walk up to a porch and drop a paper on it? Too hard, apparently, I've been up and seen her; she walks halfway across the yard and throws the paper. If it misses, she just walks off. If I hadn't been naked, I'd have run out and thrown it back at her. Sunday she nailed my container plants.

Buckys are doing fine. I found white twist-ties to attach the ring, a lovely burner in Florida is making custom bow ties, MyLArry got the cross-bracing under the platform. We've taken it for a test spin and he modified the hitch a bit with some tubing to prevent slippage and bounce. I like that: Slippage and Bounce.

No pictures.


archersangel said...

boo & hiss to the paper carrier!
glad to hear the moving art project is coming along nicely. "slippage and bounce" kind of sounds dirty.

MaggieMayDay said...

It does, doesn't it?