Tuesday, August 19, 2008

... and counting.

So much to do, and there's more every time I turn around. The trikes are done, although there's lighting to be considered. We were able to hammer and weld the snot out of the bent frame, it might hold up. We have our doubts. The Buckys are done except for finding black shoes for Bucky, and making their sign. They're packed already, in the topper which goes on the roofrack of the Trailblazer. I can just see being pulled over and searched now. Yes, Sir, there are three skeletons in there. Mrs. Bucky is difficult to undress, we pulled the gown up and pinned it around her head to protect her face. Cricket the flesh dog doesn't care for Scraps the Bone Dog. I am still painting. A lot. And sewing. I can has a cupholder and blue cobra handlebar covers. Genius and Borderline mounting the photos for the Home for Wayward Art.

Dusty, dusty year from the playa reports. Hot, well above 100 degrees. The playa surface didn't get enough rain this year, the ground is bumpy with ruts and moguls. Biking may be difficult. I can hardly wait.

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archersangel said...

looks like the rolling art project is coming along nicely.
i can't believe it's time for burning man again. it seem like just a couple of months ago you went to the last one.