Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't Panic!

The Departure for Burning Man is fast approaching. I don't have enough art, I haven't finished a costume ... yikes!

But we're making progress, the faux marbling is done except for a top clearcoat. We ordered an adult trike for me, it arrived bent so the seller is replacing it completely. It is orange, and will be repainted. Pink and lavender with sparkle overglaze. Although I really like the pink and orange together. If we get the replacement trike in time, we're considering crashing the spare parts into another vehicle, although unless we do some welding and repainting, it won't be safe or pretty. Safe we need. Moral of the story, even on free shipping, pay the shipping insurance.

I have a bunch of fabric and patterns scattered, but it seems like I can't get anything completed. I have a golden poncho thing, a sundress, a loincloth and shorts for Larry, robes, fuzzy ears, a blouse and a top, a shrug .... but primarily new seatcovers for the Rhoadescar. And we've been working on el-wire for the bikes and trikes. And I need to dye my hair and Larry's beard. and and and!

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