Monday, August 4, 2008

Godzilla Goes Amish

We got a lot accomplished this Sunday. Technically, MyLarry and Genius and Desi got a lot done.

Greywater evap system: you can't dump your waste water on the ground at Burning Man, that's a health hazard. You must evaporate it or haul it out. So Larry has made a rudimentary system with a solar pump and a frame and fan to help move the water so it evaps more quickly. The blue filter was okay, but the black weed cloth is a better base to move water for evaporation.

They got the playa bikes cleaned and lubed and their light systems back up and running. Larry also troubleshot the electric lights on the RhoadesCar. Playa dust had gotten in and the connections and ground wires and switches were all funky. Made the lights unreliable. It is a 12V system on a four-wheeled, pedal powered bike with boat seats, a deck and a canopy.

Painted the collapsible camp base black, I am to faux marble them this week. They're old Victoria's Secret panty tables. Painted and attached the skirting onto the Bucky platform, it looks really good.

Desi and I painted. I painted a lot. I need to paint much, much more. I got Godzilla Goes Amish finished.

Left to do: Mrs. Bucky's wedding bouquet. Put the Buckys on the platform and decide how to firmly attach them so they won't move. Decide how to attach their clothes and odds and ends so m none of that moves. In 70 mph winds, yet. Finish seat covers. Decide what lights go under the canopy. Are we taking the chandelier? Costumes, el-wire for costumes, sewing. Clothes, hats and boots. Food and kitchen boxes, stove. Booze, water, drinks, coolers. Tents, chairs and other gear. Tools and hardware, a broom. Carpets and tarps and straps. Pet sitters. Pack the art! Easels and signs. Camp art. Fuel masters station. Oil change. Dye my hair. Dye MyLarry's hair and beard. So much to do, so little time.

The neighbor's puppy, Buddy. He comes over for play dates with Heidi.

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