Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cherry Cordial

I still think "Cherry Cordial" is a good stripper name.

The nap attack happened, I slept for three hours this afternoon. That's a loooong daytime nap for me. My brother called to borrow the Trailblazer, so I got up and got dressed. I decided to sew and tackled the capelet I had cut out for the Mrs. Santa suit.

Panne velvet is drapey, stretchy, lightweight fabric which likes to curl up on the edges and cling to itself. Not the easiest stuff to work with. I am using a cherry red panne velvet for the Mrs. Claus dress and shoulder cape. I am not making the apron and ruffles version. Santa Rampage in Las Vegas calls for a dressier Santa Mate rather than a sugar and spice granny. The cape is lined, I'm using a pale pink. White would make me look as pale as a zombie. Or zamboni. I think maybe I should have gone with red after all, but what I had on hand clashed with the tone of the velvet.

Fortunately I have learned to doublecheck my pinning before stitching, and indeed I had pinned the cape and lining together backwards. So I fixed that. Then the sewing did not flow smoothly, I am not used to curved seams. I got through it anyway. I did a lot of topstitching which was not in the directions, but looks nicer. The hood was a booger to do, the tucks were not as big as they needed to be, and more curved seams. My slip-stitching looked like whipstitches, I pulled it out and did it once more, now it looks presentable. I still have to add a white frog at the throat, and the white fur trim around the bottom and the hood.

With the cherry red velvet, pink lining and white fur, I am going to look like a cherry cordial, not the liqueur, but one of those awful cream-filled cherry chocolates they sell by the box in drugstores. I'd rather be a dark chocolate cherry cordial, the kind with the booze-soaked cherry from Germany. Oh. Yeah. Or even the boozeless version from Sees. No creepy, seepy "creme" in those! Yum! Hope I will look yummy, but I know I will just end up lumpy and squat as usual.

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