Thursday, November 29, 2007

Little Magic Pill

My brother ran me out to base this morning; I picked up prescriptions. I'm off Mobic and on Celebrex. I've taken this before, it worked well, but I was pulled off it during the Vioxx flap, about the time I started the Tamoxifen. Mobic isn't working at all anymore, so I hope the celebrex is worth taking the blood-clot risks with the anti-estroegn drug. We shall see.

I have an appointment tomorrow so my PCM can evaluate me for a referral. If he thinks I'm not bad enough to see a specialist, I'll sic my oncologist on him. She wants to refer me, but she can't,it has to go through base. Still, she's formidable, I'd hate to be on the receiving end of a pissed off phone call from her. I wonder how the "pain management" talk will go. I don't often have the major, overall pain like I did yesterday, but if I slip up and consume the wrong food, then it hits me like a ton of bricks. I'd like a bottle of ton o' brick pain reliever just in case. A small bottle at that, a dozen would last a whole year. But this is an Air Force doctor and they're notoriously bad at giving pain killers. Unless it is post-op, they hand out the opiates like candy post-op.

The joints are better today but I'm exhausted. I didn't think the pain had that much draining effect. It does. I did get minimal stuff done yesterday, although taking apart the coffee maker took some time. Even got all the stained glass and sun-catchers down so I can put up lights in the picture window. I want to sew today, and may be hit the scifi forums later. Sound Advice week and I'm slacking. I'm cranky though, and may just nap, many naps, big naps, micro naps, I can have as many naps as I like.

I also got a flu shot today. It itches. It itches a lot. And I feel ooky and headachy, but that's normal for me after a flu shot. Pfeh!

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