Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Early Morning Pity Party

Last night I grabbed a couple burritos from the freezer, slapped the roasted chilipotle raspberry sauce on them and chowed down before NCIS and DWS came on. I wanted hot food fast, and nothing else seemed good. Woe is me. One of them was a bean and cheese burrito, I didn't notice until I was more than halfway into it. I finished it anyway, how bad could it be? Bad, very bad, that's how bad. My hands begin to hurt right around ten and grew increasingly painful. Then my left hip pitched in, no position was comfortable. That spot between my shoulder blades began to throb, eventually it felt like there was something lodged in the bones. I got up and hunted up my left-over Lortab. That is not a fast-acting drug. I sat at the computer and played Solitaire with music on. I was edgy and restless and couldn't sleep even though I was terrifically drowsy. When the music began to buzz at me and hurt my ears no matter the volume, I went back to bed. I did doze off, with a cat on each side, but as usual, Oide got up and prowled Mylarry's bedside table, patting the humidifier. That cat has never touched the water from that thing, but he still tries all the time. Then he came back and bothered Harry until both cats were wrestling and jumping on the bed. Grrr. That was at three. And I was semi-conscious at five and then slept until just after seven. That was all I could stand. Now I still have pain in my hands this morning and a headache. I am pissed, can't I have more than one good day? And I still have not heard from the clinic nurse, I am tremendously annoyed with the base medical staff at this moment. You get what you pay for, I guess. This no airy thing is a pain, or conversely, dairy is a real pain. A literal pain, true pain, pain which is teaching me caution. I was hoping I could eat all the tiny tubs of yogurt I have on hand but no, I don't dare. And Larry doesn't like them much, he has become lactose intolerant. Dammit.

The cherry on the cake, this morning I found my wonderful new programmable coffee maker was dead. I got it apart, thinking a fuse had blown, but I can't see any fuses. I did see what looks to be a fried diode, the circuit board under it is crispy. No doubt that's the culprit. The question then is, can we find the right replacement diode? I know either of us can install it, that's what we did for an age and a day in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club. But if the diode fried, what did it take with it? The lights did blink last night, not enough to lose power or reset any electronics, but perhaps enough to kill the brewster. DAMMIT! Do Not mess with my morning joe!

Larry is in Colorado, post-Costco store delivery, although he may be on his way back by now. He has to stop to retrieve his chains and binders (load chains not snow chains) from a truckstop where a lady stored them for him. Something about weight and permits and divisible loads. Much bother and I'm glad I stayed home.

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archersangel said...

bummer about the coffee maker. hope you get it fixed