Friday, November 16, 2007

More? You want More?

Okay, why do I need a third venue for a journal? Simple as pie and cake. On Tribe, those people know me, Anti M, many of them face to face. Although I'd never say an unkind word, sometimes I need to vent into the great electronic void, faceless, anonymous. Tribe is too personal. That's where I can host pictures, that's my art space, my Burning Man-centric world. As is Eplaya, which is just a BBS, but more revealing than any blog in some ways. Livejournal also has folks who know me, but that's where I dump my really tough pity party stuff; the surgeries, the cancers. In fact, I'll go Whine and Cheese about being awake at 3 ayem with arthritis pain any moment.

What am I doing here as MaggieMayDay AllOneWord instead of my gentler Anti M self? Anti M is wise and patient, "a legend" no, really I got called that on Tribe, but MMD is the old Hayduke persona which has legs all its own. MMD doesn't much care. MMD wants to bite and kick and snarl, all while laughing at the absurdities of the multiverse. (Yes, I know, LJ is MMD also, but those who know understand that's Anti M before the new playa name stuck like glue).

So, where to find me:

Ah, I separate the blogs but provide links to them all. Yes, I am one confused woman.

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