Friday, November 30, 2007


The cape is done, I did the hand sewing this morning watching the news and The Price is Right. Drew is not Bob, but I likes him! Obviously my hands did not hurt this morning. They hurt now so this will be brief. Mrs. Bucky is wearing the cape, she looks fabulous. I guess being bone thin does that for a person. I will post pics to Tribe for sure and here if I figure it out. Not tonight, I have SGA to watch and sacking out to do.

I have the paper pattern cut, I hope to make adjustments for the dress and get the fabric cut for it. I have ordered a crinoline to wear with it; my six hoop skirt is simply too unmanageable.

I have my referral, the letter should be here in a week or so. The AF doc said I'd done all the "other" stuff, injections, PT and so seeing a specialist was not unreasonable.

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