Saturday, December 1, 2007

Got Snow?

There wasn't supposed to be major snowfall in the valleys this far north, but we got it. Larry says it is snowing in Idaho Falls right now too. we have four inches where the snow is piled up on things such as my hanging garden lights, and twoish+ on the drive and walk. Still falling. The temp is right around freezing, but just above, so under all that delightful powder is slush. I bundled up and shoved snow around; I shoved a path into the backyard so the doggums can get back there. I shoved the snow off the porch and the front pad and the driveway to the neighbor's lawn so the mail carrier can get through. I shoved two tracks down the driveway to the street and did a bit of the gutter so we don't get an ice dam when it all freezes up. And it will. The slush under the snow was heavy, I did have to do some minor lifting, but I stayed low and used the knees. My knees are still in working order at least! I even broke a sweat, and was out of breath, but in that good I've been moving way. I have no doubt my back will talk to me tonight.

I don't know where Larry has stashed the ice melt; the pad and steps are going to be sheets of ice by tonight. I think there is a bucket of it in the garage, but mylarry's garage is foreign territory; I am not going in without a map and guide.

I let the dog out early, way before I shoveled. She went out the front door when I got the paper. She came back with snowballs attached to her feet and belly. She patiently let me fluff them off, but still tracked in a LOT of snow. She goes out the back door only! I'd forgotten!

I wore my old ski gloves. They're vintage now, turquoise leather. Tres 80s. Funny thing is, I live in Utah and I don't ski. When I lived here as a teen and twenter, I didn't ski then. I've only been skiing in Nozowa, Japan. Not well either. The trip was horrible because I had split with my ex and he still went on the trip with the sole purpose of making me unhappy. Still, I put on the dang gear and took the gondola to the top of the mountain. Anne taught me to ski; she let me put my skis between hers and lean on her back. I know, that's how kids learn. She's one of those gorgeous Amazon women who stand six feet barefooted. Not kidding, she is tall, beautiful and athletic. Married my good friend Greg and made lovely babies. Anyway, skiing, I was very good at straight downhill, rather poor on turning and stopping. I never got off the bunny run, I'd seen the field of moguls on my way up, and other hazards, including a single ski speeding its way down the mountain unaccompanied by a skier. We stayed in a funky Japanese inn, not nice enough to be called a ryokan. The snow was up to the eaves on the village roofs and all roads were snow-packed. The traffic was horrible, an eight hour bus drive took nearly 24 and we had no way to stop or turn around or find a train station to go home. It was interesting to say the least. Actually, I used the ski gloves to keep my hands warm when we rode the Harley in winter.

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