Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Colder than a Witch's Zits.

Blast from the Past: Barry Reeves and me, Navy Day Ball, Club Alliance, Yokosuka, Japan, 1985. Yes, ET2!

Yesterday was lovely, over 90 degrees. MyLarry had summerized the swamp cooler, so the inside of the house was nice. I did some bits and bobs on the garden before the poor air quality drove me indoors. Today? We were lucky to hit fifty degrees, rainy, windy and miserable. The dog did not want to go out to piddle, she skirted the house under the overhang. I had to close all the windows I had meticulously opened. I'm wearing freaking flannel and slippers!

MyLarry got home at nearly six in the morning. I know he had to unload the Volvo parts off his trailer, and I-15 northbound was closed for construction, but I still worried. Poor guy slept all day and he's loading this evening and headed for Vegas. Driving all night. I feel so guilty that I don't even get all the housework done daily for him. He deserves big hugs all the time.

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archersangel said...

you looked very nice. the guy looked o.k.