Monday, May 12, 2008

This has been a busy weekend between going to the opera on Saturday night and out to the RennFaire on Sunday.

Genius got the four of us tickets in Salt Lake to see Mozart's Don Giovanni at the Capitol Theater. I thought the production was quite wonderful. All dressed up in out evening clothes, Genius in his vintage tux with the velvet collar, plus a deep burgundy tie and vest. Desi wore he black and white evening gown with her black opera cape. I was in my Indian salwaar kameez, which is a long tunic with loose pants and a wrap/scarf. This is my dressy one, with the lined lime green tunic and the sheer cobalt blue plants. Shiny paisleys all over the tunic, very striking. Very not the usual thing. Larry wore his new black kilt, a sheer ruffled goth shirt, his tux tails and tall silver boots. Again, Not the Usual Thing. At the after party, he got hit on by the cute waitress, she wasn't just trolling for a tip, she was flirting. I am amused. The boys were at the opera also, we dropped by their place after the after party for wine and cheese. Got home at two in the morning. I was wiped out.

Off to the Renn Faire on Sunday! Desi had a tummy ache, so she stayed home. First we stopped off to see dad; we brought roses to put next to Mom's urn on the mantle. More of a nice burl maple box, but you get the idea.

Genius was going to do a ronin, but I had set out a chemise, skirts, corset and wig for Desi. I'm not small, so it fit Genius. He went as Willhemina, the Thespian. Hilarious! I had on my princess gown, which is NOT a summer weight dress. I added my Amish prayer cap, museum replica jewelry and my brother's poison bottles at my waist. Larry wore a tunic, kilt and cap, plus he carried my sword. All the other swords in the house don't have scabbards except for the katanas. There was jousting and fighting and far too many cool things to buy. There was music, and dancers and story tellers and magic and puppets. The best part was chatting up the vendors and participants. We have to go back next Sunday; I put a deposit on a leather masquerade mask and need to pick it up. Genius wants to do some fire spinning, we'll need to take the cart. I plan on wearing my barbarian leathers, I bet Genius will end up in a kilt for fire performance. Willhemina is far too flammable.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Genius looks amazing in that dress!

MaggieMayDay said...

Hehe, he wears a lot of my clothes!

archersangel said...

looks like you had fun. i always wanted to go to one of those.