Monday, May 5, 2008

Yeah, like that.

Had a busy weekend, which has morphed into a busy week.

My brother is still on medical hold from work. He is pulling full pay and benefits while he waits for the company doctor to look over all his records. Trouble is, getting all his records in one place is tricky, there's three different facilities, all with document managers to coordinate. He's not really complaining, but he'd prefer working. He's getting frustrated with his family; they're carrying on like nothing is going to happen. SIL hasn't even begun looking for a job, no, she went camping in Moab. Sure, that's how she deals with stress, but they have no money and are headed into the ditch. She wears damn rose-colored glasses all the time. His adult kids live at home and go to school full time, and work a little. Emphasis on "little".

I walked out to the shed to get my weeding fork, and I could hear water. Our outdoor water is turned off in October and turned on in spring, usually April or sometime in May. Sure enough, a few of the sprinkler heads were filled with water. So Pineview water is on, now I can water my garden and grass. There's a reservoir up Ogden Canyon, it fills with melted snowpack and that's what we use for outdoor watering. There are watering restrictions even in a year with lots of snow; but still, nice to get the grass going. The dandelions will love it too.

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