Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nothin' fancy.

I put my shot of the Sun Tunnels taken back in 2004 at summer solstice up on my deviant art page. Within two days a dozen people had added it as a favorite. I took it with a point and shoot Kodak 35mm! That was pleasing.

I've not been up to much, cleaned up the computer desk, did some shredding yesterday. I still have to take the piles of filing and make them into piles of files in the file cabinet. Did a little painting yesterday, but didn't touch the art today. I spent a lot of time listening to music and playing solitaire; I blame the rain. Hey, some days getting the clean dishes put away and the clothes folded is a victory. I notice few people have been on the boards, poor Shaye lost her grandfather. I so suck at condolences. Deb hasn't been on, I know she's worried about Sayblee. Haven't seen Imzadi. I finally joined the RPG, now I'm waiting for the others to pick up the line I threw out; my character is lying in the dirt waiting for ... rescue shall we say?

Larry will be home around one or two in the morning. Poor guy, smushed a couple fingers. He's doing more back to backs now; another driver quit the company entirely when they turned the governors down on the trucks to 62 mph to save on fuel. Which is silly for the eight heavy hauls; they have 13 gears and are most efficient around 7o mph. That's 8 trucks out of 1800, the bean counters need a smack upside the head. Larry won't switch companies because he's getting some seniority under his belt, and his paid vacation time is up to two weeks. His truck is still at 65 mph, he went into the yard and their computer was down; he hasn't been back into West Valley since last Thursday.

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