Monday, May 19, 2008

Renn Again

We returned to the Renn Faire to pick up my mask. Larry ended up wearing it, it went beautifully with his leather gauntlets and spiked suspenders. I wore my barbarian over-vest which weighs in at ten to twelve pounds at least. Genius got up a pirate outfit by raiding our closets. The nice Naval saber is the one we found in a dumpster in San Diego; it now resides in my umbrella stand. After, we went to Friday's for a quick meal and a couple drinks. The staff treated us remarkably as though we were completely normal. I love going about mundane activities in outrageous costumes.

Darling Larry bought me two wonderful wall hangings, one an Egyptian Eye of Ra, the other a Celtic tribal tattoo pattern. I will make robes or capes from them. Plus two Afghan rings with carved glass. Very, very reasonable prices.

Pics: Barbarian queen and her retainer. MyRetainer, MyLarry. Genius aka The Dread Pirate Cletus aka Captain Jack Swallows. Driving with his glasses on over the mask. The pirate empties the flask before we get in the car. Friday's, Blurry-eyed Me with a rare shot of my one and only tattoo of an ankh in a speech bubble. I still think a tiny Daniel below would be funny.

And an odd detail: Check the last two pictures. Genius and I have exactly the same hazel-colored eyes with orange streaks in them.


archersangel said...

looks like more fun at the renn faire. (always wanted to go to one)

mundane activities in outrageous costumes.
i bet it would be a surprise to a police officer if you all got pulled over dressed like that.

MaggieMayDay said...

We joke about getting pulled over every time!