Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wedding Veils Explode!

My backyard has exploded into a mass of white lace, aka my wedding veil bushes. I don't know what they are actually named, but that's what I call them. Although I must admit, the blooms look like miniature wedding bouquets. There used to be a full row in the yard next door, making a double-thick visual barrier. The stupid sisters who lived next door whacked them off at ground level "because the dogs cut their mouths on them." Right. Stupid bints. They tried to kill their front flower bed; I salvaged all the strawberry plants for my own veggie garden. Took back the irises too. The new neighbors love our bushes which hang over the fence. They are heart-broken that they missed out on the spring blooms in their own yard. Springtime in the Rockies is unpredictable and often cold; I had to turn on the furnace today, but the flowers are very much worth the wait.

I'm on a painting roll today after three days of absolute non-inspiration. Yes, the blue is sky, ubiquitous sky. I hate to waste paint and I hate to skimp on the color mixes. So I prep a lot of canvas and whatever the hell all else I paint on, because there's so much more to art than flat canvas, and I use up every bit of paint. This tends to create a series of paintings in a similar color family. I use an old frisbee as a palette. The boxy squares will be more in the Trash Fence series, and possibly the small canvases also. Hot off the easel! Only ten days until Element 11!!


archersangel said...

nice plants & nice paintings

mercietilley said...


Beautiful flowers! And yeah, I know all about silly neighbors who couldn't appreciate nature if it bit them in the...nose. Thanks for stopping by my blog, its great to know people are actually reading it!